Winner Winner Noodle Dinner: Vegan Mac and Cheese Reimagined with GOODLES

Going vegan was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I feel healthier, I’m not eating my awesome animal friends, and I’m living in an era where finally, FINALLY, food companies are realizing we vegans exist, and that we’re hungry!

Honey King, November 16, 2022

Partnership with Goodles

It’s great that I no longer have to prowl around every mungbean-laden health store just to track down good vegan food — I can walk into most grocery stores today and find all I need, and it’s mostly good food, too. From burgers and mozzarella to gummi bears and ice cream, I can usually find a vegan alternative that tastes great and which keeps my conscience clean.


But there’s one thing that I was seriously craving and which no brand had quite mastered, and that’s a good old-fashioned, creamy, dreamy, vegan mac and cheese. Yes, I know what you’re going to say — Kraft has a vegan version of their famous blue box classic. I know this, I do, and I really tried to like it. But the texture, the taste? They weren’t for me. In fact, both were seriously lacking. And so, my quest for the perfect vegan mac n cheese continued.


Like all good quest stories, this one has a happy ending. On Christmas Day, my wonderful boyfriend surprised me with a box of Vegan is Believin’ GOODLES. Vegan mac n cheese? For me? Was it wrong to run to the kitchen to make them straight away, on Christmas morning, in my PJs? Hell, no! And let me tell you, they were goooood!

Goodles MacBowls

All the Good Stuff Right Here

The first thing you notice about a box of GOODLES is the retro packaging design. It’s groovy, man! The slogan, “noodles, gooder” tells you this is something new, something that may even be revolutionary when it comes to vegan pantry goods.


As any good vegan will tell you, nothing gets past our lips until we’ve scrutinized the ingredients list! A quick flip around of the box told me that Vegan is Believin’ GOODLES come packed with an amazing 12 grams of plant-based protein from wheat and chickpea. They also come in great on the fiber front with six grams per box. You’ll also get 21 plant-derived nutrients in every bite, including vitamin C, iron, and potassium, not to mention organic vegetables like spinach, sweet potato, and sunflower seeds. This isn’t just vegan mac and cheese, this is healthy mac and cheese. Oh, and just like many of the varieties in the GOODLES range, these ones are Kosher certified.


But do GOODLES taste good?


The flavor I’d been craving for so long was the creamy, nutty, and tangy taste that only a good white cheddar can deliver. You know, that flavor that takes you right back to watching cartoons on the living room rug while spooning delicious cheddary goodness into your 7-year-old face! And boy, oh boy, did Vegan is Believin’ deliver.


Made with cashew milk, these GOODLES vegan mac and cheese twists have a depth to them that is moreish and reminiscent of the old-time classic. The texture is on point too. It’s deliciously creamy and the pasta has a good bite. These are definitely a keeper and have satisfied my mac n cheese craving once and for all. And as for my craving for Kraft mac, it’s pasta la vista, baby!

CheddyMac vegan

Hey, What About the Non-Vegans?

Not quite ready to try a vegan product just yet? Want to know more about non-vegan GOODLES? I’ve got you.


GOODLES offers a wide selection of non-vegan varieties. Let’s see, we’ve got Cheddy Mac, a classic creamy cheddar recipe just like your mama used to make. Next up, it’s Mover & Shaker, a peppery-parmy and undeniably savory twist on cacio e pepe. Then we’ve got Shella Good, bringing all the deep and nutty flavor of aged white cheddar on cute little pasta shells. And finally, it’s the turn of Twist My Parm, with its twisty fusilli pasta and rich and indulgent asiago cheese sauce. Also, look out for online exclusives and limited-edition flavors on the GOODLES website.


My boyfriend, who bought himself the GOODLES multipack for Christmas, absolutely goes nuts for all the flavors, but it’s Shella Good that really captured his heart. He loves how every little pasta shell captures just the right amount of creamy sauce. I’m hoping that GOODLES releases a non-vegan shell version so I can get in on that action, too!

Great Little Noodles For Less

It was only when I was placing a repeat order that I noticed GOODLES has a subscription plan. Delicious mac delivered direct to my door every month? Yes, please! What’s more, there’s a 15% discount if you sign up. You can cancel any time and there’s no catch. Simply choose the pack size, hit the subscribe and save button, and you’re good to go. And because GOODLES products are already great value, it’s a win-win.


Another big reason why I’ve fallen head over heels for GOODLES, besides their legendary noodles, is that they donate 1% of their profits to organizations that address food insecurity. Companies that give back are a big deal to me, and I wish more would follow their lead.

TRUFFLE WorldImage

The Verdict

In case you hadn’t realized, I’m a GOODLES convert. This is vegan man n cheese done right, done good, and with a purpose, too. Vegan, non-vegan, or just vegan on a Monday, there is a GOODLES variety to suit every dietary preference and every taste.


So, stock up, rejoice in all the noodly goodness, and enjoy!

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