This Natural Supplement Transformed My Life

Christen Lang, July 2, 2024

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Activate Your Full-Spectrum Aliveness
Activate Your Full-Spectrum Aliveness
Get the KA! Kanna Chews, handmade with 100% plants that bring you to life. Psychoactive, sober, and subtle - not psychedelic.
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I’m generally what you might call a pretty balanced person. I try to follow a reasonably healthy lifestyle, I’m mindful whenever I remember to be (I’m getting better at this), and I try to fit exercise in whenever I can. But for the last couple of years, I felt something was missing. Or, perhaps there was just too much going on in my life—I just felt like something was off somewhere.


I don’t think the amount of stress in my life increased. I just felt less able to handle it. I shut myself away at home, canceled plans with friends and busied myself with doom scrolling through my socials. People were starting to worry about me. I was beginning to worry about myself. When my work started to suffer, and my boss had a tough but fair conversation with me, I realized I needed to make changes.


Fortunately, fate (with a little help from Instagram’s all-seeing algorithm) introduced me to KA! Kanna Chews.

Say Goodbye to Stress and Hello to Feeling Grounded

I’d never heard of empathogens before. That’s what KA!’s Kanna Chews are—soft, delicious empathogenic chews designed to improve cognitive function, reduce stress and promote empathy by boosting serotonin levels in the body. I was intrigued, and I’ll admit, also a little skeptical. Kanna Chews are 100% plant-based—could plants alone help me combat stress and retake control? I hoped so but I always like to research before parting with my money. I’ve made some poor purchases in the past and didn’t want this to be another one.


Kanna’s rich and respected heritage as a plant medicine swayed my decision. This isn’t a synthetic product developed in a lab. Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum), a succulent native to South Africa, has been revered by the indigenous Bushmen and Khoi people for thousands of years. Used as an herbal remedy and natural mood booster, Kanna is gaining increasing interest from mental health professionals thanks to its mind-clearing and calming properties. That was enough for me to give these a try.


Kanna Chews are made from 100% botanicals, including Kanna, acmella, lavender, rose, snow lotus, ginger and acacia gum. They’re psychoactive (not psychedelic) and have a subtle effect that has no impact on sobriety. Kanna is also known as “Nature’s MDMA” due to the similar way they produce heart-opening and empathic feelings. However, there are big differences. MDMA is synthetic while Kanna is organic. Unlike MDMA, Kanna does not contain any amphetamines, nor does it damage your nervous system with frequent use the way MDMA can (Kanna is neuroprotective actually). I can assure you they are totally legal, safe and non-addictive.


Each handmade KA! chew delivers a 30 mg dose of standardized, high-potency Kanna extract. The taste is interesting: fresh, almost grassy, and very pleasant. Almost immediately after taking my first chew, I felt a tingly, calming wave wash over me, and it was bliss. I felt grounded, totally in control and ready to face the day. I had blocked out my entire afternoon because I didn’t want anything to get in the way of my first Kanna experience. I felt calm for the rest of the day and loved how I felt. I’m not spiritual, but I can honestly say I now know what it feels like to be one with the universe.


I’ve been taking KA! Kanna Chews for over a month, taking one a day religiously alongside my morning vitamins. While the effects are almost immediate, it was after 30 days that I noticed the most significant difference. I think my body has adjusted to Kanna to the point where I’m getting the full benefit of the product. I’m killing it at work. I’ve reconnected with my friends (they hung in there for me, and I’m so thankful), and I feel so much more energized and able to manage stress when it comes my way.

But I'm Not Alone

I could sit here all day and tell the world about my experience with KA! Kanna Chews, but don’t just take my word for it. These delicious, chewy mood boosters are becoming the next big thing in natural mental health supplements. In a world where gummies and chews are the new capsules and pills, more and more people like me are seeking all-natural, great-tasting and effective products that make us feel our best.


KA! Kanna Chews weren’t an impulse buy for me. I did my research on this fantastic natural empathogenic supplement. I read the many glowing reviews from KA! customers. These were people just like me and just like you, perhaps. They didn’t want to be medicated or stuck with pharmaceuticals as their only option. They needed a proven herbal supplement that released stress and tension, lifted mood, and increased feelings of empathy and connection. KA! Kanna Chews delivers this and so much more. Plus, it has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, and immunomodulatory properties. It’s no wonder Kanna has been celebrated for centuries.

Improved Mental Health

KA! Kanna Chews tap into all aspects of feeling alive and well-balanced. My research revealed that Kanna is adaptogenic, meaning it regulates the nervous system, is non-toxic to the body, and is suitable for daily intake as it helps build resilience to stress over time. Kanna is also a nootropic, which means it boosts cognitive function like memory, focus, attention and problem-solving. KA! Kanna Chews deliver the perfect balance of feeling grounded and uplifted at the same time. They are a great option for anybody struggling with anxiety or stress, or needing more focus, not to mention anyone who is looking for support for social anxiety, since they also promote feelings of empathy and connection with yourself and with others.

Top Quality

KA! Kanna Chews are meticulously handmade in-house from the highest quality ingredients. Using patented processes, the KA! team achieves greater potency and bioactivity than any other Kanna product today. The unique heatless production method guarantees zero degradation of the ingredients, preserving the full benefits of the Kanna and other healing plants that are part of the formulation, thus creating a product that sets the standard for quality and effectiveness.

100% Natural

For those looking for a pure, natural solution for supporting mood, lowering brain fog and everyday stress and anxiety, KA! Kanna Chews are 100% plant-based, vegan, and contain no preservatives, sugar, artificial sweeteners, caffeine or “ick” ingredients. You can enjoy all the benefits safely and soberly, with no risk of addiction. They also taste great and can be taken at the time of day that best suits your routine and lifestyle.

Hear What People Are Saying About the KA! Kanna Chews

Love It

This plan, company and people who are behind the product are top notch! I’ve been taking it for a few months and the effects are getting better and better. More energy, focus, elevated mood. I recommend to all my clients.

Boris H.

This has brought the happy back in my life.

Heather H.
Life Changing

I was looking for something to help with focus, anxiety and to help boost overall energy in a way that didn’t make me feel jittery. The chews did exactly that on top of feeling so incredibly clear and connected to the people I interact with throughout the day. The chews also helped with the mild withdrawal symptoms of getting off of my low-dose ADHD meds. My social anxiety completely vanishes while taking it too.

- Kelly

Activate Your Full-Spectrum Aliveness

KA! believes that everyone should be able to feel their best self with lifted, lively mood, a clear mind and calm, grounded energy. I’m so glad that their Kanna Chews burst into my life when they did. I’ve also tried other products in their empathogenic range, including the KA! Tincture and love that I can control the dose depending on my day and needs.


If life is getting on top of you right now and you don’t know where to turn, KA! has the answer to enhance your well-being with its top-quality, natural, and potent Kanna chews. Just like I did, you can reclaim and embrace a life of clarity, calm and connection.

Activate Your Full-Spectrum Aliveness
Activate Your Full-Spectrum Aliveness
Get the KA! Kanna Chews, handmade with 100% plants that bring you to life. Psychoactive, sober, and subtle - not psychedelic.
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