Why I Love My Buffy Hot Sleeper Bundle

I love my bed. There’s nothing like getting cozy under the sheets at the end of a long day. But there’s just one problem — I’m what’s known as a hot sleeper. That means I wake up multiple times throughout the night drenched in sweat and finding myself under uncomfortably damp sheets. From cold showers at bedtime to expensive cotton bedding, I’ve tried everything to keep cool and get an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Honey King, November 3, 2022

Partnership with Buffy

One night, at 3 a.m. after waking up for the third time, I decided enough was enough. My lack of sleep was starting to affect my work, my relationships and my health. Something had to give! So I took to Google and began searching for the perfect bedding for hot sleepers, bedding that would keep me comfortable without the night sweats. Lots of results came back, but one brand stood out from the bunch — the Buffy Hot Sleepers Bundle. I was intrigued! Could there really be bedding out there made especially for hot and sweaty sleepers like me? I placed my order right then and there, and it’s been one of my best purchases ever.

Buffy Winter DBaum

Cool at Last

Before purchasing the Buffy Hot Sleepers Bundle, I was getting only around 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. I would toss and turn night after night, desperate to feel cool and wake up feeling refreshed. That was until Buffy’s wonderful bedding products entered my life. I’m now getting at least 8 hours of delicious sleep every night.


So let’s dive under the covers and I’ll tell you more about what this amazing bedding set has to offer. The bundle comes with everything you need to make your bed, including the Breeze comforter, eucalyptus sheets and a duvet cover. The first thing I noticed about these products was their softness! Each item is made from eucalyptus that has been transformed into textile fibers. This fabric, known as Lyocell, is known for its highly breathable and moisture-wicking properties.


Unparalleled Comfort

In my search for new bedding, the coolness factor was the first requirement on my checklist, closely followed by comfort. I’ve tried bedding designed for hot sleepers in the past and have been really disappointed with the feel of the sheets and comforters on offer. Many are made from stiff cotton that’s itchy and scratchy against the skin. This just introduced another problem into the mix! I wanted bedding that was soft and cozy and made going to bed a pure joy.


The Buffy Hot Sleepers Bundle was really a dream come true! I couldn’t wait to make my bed with my new purchases. I even got to bed early that first night so I could enjoy every moment with my new bedding. This premium sleep bundle includes a comforter, two breathable foam pillows and a duvet cover made using the same butter-soft fabric as the sheets. As I sank into the pillows and under the covers, I felt a wonderful weariness wash over me. I managed to read just a few pages of my book before I drifted off to an interrupted night of restful sleep. No more kicking off the covers, no more waking up drenched in sweat, and no more tiredness at work. I woke feeling refreshed and ready to start my day.


This Bundle Really Has It All

We’ve all read about the importance of sleep and how much we should be getting — and how most people don’t get nearly enough. While I’d realized my bedding wasn’t helping matters, I didn’t realize just how much it was affecting my sleep throughout the night. It was only when I woke up to Buffy’s marvelous products that it all fell into place. How many years, days and hot, sweaty hours had I wasted?


What’s great about the Buffy Hot Sleepers Bundle is that it has everything you need to ensure a great night’s sleep. The light and airy eucalyptus sheets, made from organic materials and softer than any sheets I’d ever tried, whispered up against my skin for that barely there feeling. The comforter and duvet cover made me feel like I was snuggling up inside the softest, fluffiest cloud. And if that wasn’t enough, the foam pillows gave me just the right amount of support and comfort as I slept. It was total bliss.


Wake Up to Buffy — You Won’t Regret It

Whether you’re looking for the perfect summer bedding bundle, or you’re a hot sleeper like me all year long, you won’t regret letting Buffy into your bedroom. With silky-soft breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics that are as good to you as they are to the planet, you’ll be investing in some of the best bedding available today.


The best thing about the Buffy Hot Sleepers Bundle is that you can try it at home for 7 nights before you buy. If you find that Buffy isn’t right for you, you won’t be charged and you can simply send back your products. There really is nothing to lose but so much to gain when it comes to restful and uninterrupted sleep. Say goodbye to hot, sweaty nights for good.

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