This Body Pillow Is Quickly Becoming a Must-Have Gift

Leighton H., November 21, 2023

Partnership with Bearaby

Finding the perfect present for family and friends can sometimes be a challenge. When you’re brainstorming gift ideas, it’s safe to say that pillows aren’t the most conventional choice. However, there is a certain body pillow that is taking social media by storm and showing up on wishlists everywhere. It’s clear that The Bearaby Cuddler is quickly becoming the next big thing in comfort and relaxation, but why? What is so special about this body pillow and why does everyone want one? Well, we looked into that….

Endlessly Supportive Cuddles
Endlessly Supportive Cuddles
Get the GOLS-certified Melofoam Bearaby Cuddler to support your joints, neck, and back. It relieves pressure and helps you rest easy.
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From Stress to Sensory Relief: Jake’s Story

Jake bought himself The Bearaby Cuddler a few months ago, and while he initially had doubts, he now credits the body pillow for relieving the joint pain and sleeplessness he endured not so long ago. “When I would lounge on the couch or lay down to sleep, I just couldn’t get comfortable. Hours of tossing and laying in odd positions caused soreness and pain the next day.” says Jake.


“I didn’t realize how much my lack of sleep and awkward resting position(s) were impacting my overall well-being. On some days, it even hurt to turn my neck. My aching joints were not only causing me discomfort and pain all day, but they added to my stress level and anxiety. Looking back, I have to admit, my mood wasn’t always the best. I know there were times I was short with my coworkers and sometimes, even with my clients.”


“I often felt sluggish and tired, even early in the day. With coffee and energy drinks I barely made it through the workday, and my evenings and weekends were spent right at home. I had no energy for a social life, like going to baseball games and dating. But, when I accidently dozed off one Saturday afternoon and missed my twin sister’s engagement party, I knew I had to do something about my sleeping situation. I had invested in a good mattress, but I needed something to support my neck, elbows, and knees.”


“I bought extra pillows to place between my knees, and they worked okay for a couple of nights, but in no time, they were lumpy in some spots and flat in others. I looked at a few body pillows in home good stores, but none of them had the ‘bounce back’ feel I was hoping for. I was getting close. I knew a body pillow was the answer, but I needed one that would contour to my stress points and relieve the tension in my joints. I thought if I could find that, I may be able to get some decent sleep. Was I asking too much?”


“I was searching on my phone one day and stumbled upon Bearaby. The pictures and products on the website seemed to be dedicated to comfort, relaxation and sleep, so I was intrigued. After a couple of clicks, I found the Cuddler: a supportive body pillow designed to contour to the body. It is made from plant-based materials, too, and that’s also important to me. Some of the reviews cited that the Cuddler had solved the very same sleeping problems I had been having for months! So, it was settled. I HAD to try the Bearaby Cuddler! With Bearaby’s 30-day-money-back guarantee, it was a done deal.”


“I can’t tell you how much the Cuddler has changed my sleeping…and my life, for the better! Night after night, it continues giving me the support my joints need and helps keep my body position aligned. It contours where I need it, and that gentle resistance is soothing, so the tension just melts away. It’s like a stress ball for my whole body! I use it all the time on my sofa, and sometimes I even take it to work.. Unlike traditional pillows, it keeps its shape time after time. The cover for the Cuddler is removable, super soft, and comes in several easy-to-coordinate colors. Now I wake up well-rested and ready to take on the day!”

Ergonomically Designed

When a product is ergonomically designed, it takes into consideration the natural movements and postures of the human body, ensuring support and alignment with our anatomy. The Cuddler does just that. It conforms to your unique needs, yet the GOLS-certified Melofoam™ allows it to go back to its original shape when not in use. This way, it provides the user with customized support time after time, rather than becoming lumpy like old school body pillows. Over 6 feet long, the Cuddler can accommodate each set of joints and keep the body aligned all through sleepytime. This means less pain and aches when we’re awake.

Reduces Stress and Tension

The Cuddler has a unique Melofoam™ filling, which is essentially a rubbery-foam the sap of hevea trees. This special, organic substance is squishy and satisfying, and its natural weight is just enough to soothe the senses. Responsive to pressure, it absorbs movement and comes back for more, so stress and tension just seem to disappear. It cradles stress points and fills in crevices, so it mimics the comforts of spooning and cuddling.

Elevates Your Decor

The Cuddler is a handsome piece to have around. Leave it on the bed, knot it for a comfy sofa pillow, the options are endless. While every Cuddler comes with a white (heavenly-soft!) cover, five other colors are available to match your Bearaby Napper or Hugget.

Hundreds Are Raving About the Cuddler

If Bearaby customers have one thing to say, it’s that all body pillows are NOT created equal! The Cuddler has become a wishlist sensation, with loads of enthusiastic reviews flooding social media. Whether it’s improving sleep quality, or relieving everyday tension, the Cuddler is making a big difference in the lives of people everywhere.

Essential For Better Sleep

Love the comfort and support the Cuddler provides, helping me sleep through the night.

Liam H.
In Love!

I was looking for an organic body pillow to match my napper and Bearaby delivered!

Mary T.
Real Stress Relief

It’s big enough to rest my head and legs on it, and the foam inside is nicely cushy.

Janelle P.
Pregnant Wife Loves It

The length allows for multiple uses laying down as well as sitting up. Definitely recommend.

Dean C.
Best Purchase!!!

Best purchase ever. Yes, it is expensive but well worth the price. I sleep like a baby.

Michalle C.
Absolutely Perfect

The price at first threw me but I wanted to give it a shot. I’m glad I did because it is so soft and giving yet still very supportive. No matter how I lay on it, with it, near it–I am super comfy. So glad I purchased.

Dyani L.

Melt Away Stress with the Ultimate Cuddle Companion

In our fast-paced modern world, stress and tension have become constant, weighing us down in our everyday lives. Let us take that off your hands and make life a little easier with the Bearaby Cuddler.

Endlessly Supportive Cuddles
Endlessly Supportive Cuddles
Get the GOLS-certified Melofoam Bearaby Cuddler to support your joints, neck, and back. It relieves pressure and helps you rest easy.
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