These Warmables Can Help Improve Your Mental Health

June 12, 2024

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Get the Bearaby Warmables filled with tension-melting Terraclay™ to help bring soothing comfort to your joints and muscles. They relieve pressure and help you rest easy.
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When I’m having a tough time, stress shows up as sore muscles and joints. Keeping up with the daily demands of home and work can take a toll on my mental health, and working all day at a computer certainly doesn’t help ease the pain in my neck, back and shoulders. I’m always looking for new ways to wind down at the end of the day by relieving tension in my body and mind. Words can’t describe the relief and contentment I felt when I discovered Bearaby Warmables.

Goodbye Stress, Hello Soothing Comfort

I wasn’t sure that treating my muscle and joint pain would have a real impact on my mental health. Then, I learned more about how Bearaby Warmables work as a natural form of thermotherapy. They are a set of a weighted bottle, neck wrap, and lap pad that release gentle warmth, encouraging the body to release feel-good hormones. Warmables boost melatonin, helping you fall asleep, and serotonin, for a sense of happiness and well-being.


Each Warmable is filled with a tension-melting Terraclay™ that maintains it’s temperature for up to an hour. Warmables are safe to hold against your skin for extended periods, with a gentle weight that helps relax your pressure points. I love using my lap pad or neck wrap when I’m reading in my favorite chair or settling down in bed to get a great night’s rest. During the work day, the Calmer keeps me comfortable and calm during long meetings and when working toward tight deadlines.


You can even cool down Warmables by popping them in the freezer. It’s a refreshing experience that offers relief from summer heat and soothes the discomfort of hot flashes. Another bonus is that Warmables are easy to clean with a gentle cycle in the washing machine.

But I'm Not Alone

When I first heard my coworkers and friends rave about Warmables, I was skeptical about how much they could actually help. But as I heard more people say how much this product changed their lives, I knew I had to try them for myself. Now I’ve given Warmables a chance, I totally get it! Their stress-melting warmth works for migraines, tech neck, period cramps, back pain, and other daily discomforts.

Relaxation is Near

Warmables’ safe, soothing warmth relaxes your muscles while shielding your skin from the heat. Relaxing with each of these eases my aches and pains and provides a sense of peace, comfort, and well-being. Despite the name, Warmables can also serve as a way to cool off, refreshing your body and mood if the heat rises above your comfort level.


Another thing I love is the flexible design, which can stretch and bend to reach every corner of your body. Warmables come as three different products — the Calmer neck wrap, the Snuggler heated bottle, and the Lounger lap pad.


If you like to shop green products whenever possible, you’ll appreciate that Warmables are made from sustainable materials. Each pillow contains all-natural biodegradable Terraclay™ to hold in warmth and melt away the day’s tension. All pillows meet OEKO-TEX standard 100.

Review Section

I can’t say enough good things about Warmables, but don’t just take my word for it. Hear what other fans are saying about this life-changing product.

on the Calmer

“I held off on buying a heated neck wrap for a while since the only ones available were made of plastic and they also seemed unsafe. This one stands out because it is made with natural clay! The upcycled fabric is also really high-quality and gentle on my skin.”

John R.
on the Snuggler

“Now I tried the Snuggler, I cannot believe I ever used a rubber hot water bottle. This clay version is so much safer because you don’t have the risk of hot water spilling. It’s also beautifully soft and feels great on my skin.”

Emily K.
on the Lounger

“I thought I didn’t like weighted blankets. I like to kick the covers off and rearrange them so various body parts are exposed. But I am all about comfort so I decided to try the Lounger. Wow. When I’m feeling anxious, it settles me down in an instant. It warms me if I happen to be chilly, but I can also use it when the room temperature is comfortable. I feel like I need to take this with me wherever I go. Highly recommended, wish I could give it 10 stars.”

Alex T.

Cuddle Your Stress Away

Choose your favorite style or invest in all three of these revolutionary, eco-friendly weighted products and let Warmables melt your worries away. With free shipping and a money-back guarantee, you can try Warmables risk-free today.

Get the Bearaby Warmables filled with tension-melting Terraclay™ to help bring soothing comfort to your joints and muscles. They relieve pressure and help you rest easy.
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