We Decided To Try Wild One’s Insta-Worthy Dog Toys

I have four dogs, ranging from a senior down to a brand-new puppy. I was constantly buying new dog toys that I thought “looked nice” or were “cool,” all for them to be destroyed in a matter of days. Even those supposed to hold up to a powerful bite didn’t cut it. To say I was sick of constantly buying toys that didn’t last is an understatement.

Tai Hall, November 14, 2022

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Of course, I was frustrated about all the money I spent on the toys. But I was also worried because toys that break easily can quickly become a hazard for my pups. So I started researching tough dog toys and chew toys for dogs, and that’s when I found Wild One.


Wild One Has a Huge Variety of Dog Toys

One of the first things I noticed was that Wild One has a variety of dog toys, which is great since my four fur babies are so very different. They have durable dog toys, dog toys for aggressive chewers, and much more. But there were options for my teething puppy, my big boy, my little guy, and my new puppy. I know—I’ve really got a variety going at my house (and their personalities are all very different, to boot).


The toys are insta-worthy because they’re all just so cute! Each toy comes in seven different colors so you can pick the one you or your pup like best. Don’t ask me why, but my big boy, King, seems to have a color and design preference for his toys. But my German Shepherd puppy, Hans? He’s ready to play regardless of what the color or design. He just wants to go, go, go.


The designs and bright colors attracted me to look around more, but the high quality of the toys really got me interested enough to make a purchase. All the toys are free of BPA and phthalates. The natural rubber material is safe to go in the freezer (which is GREAT for teething pups), and the company supports rescued pets across the country with every purchase.

A Toy For Every Dog’s Preferences and Play Style

The variety offered by Wild One is amazing because there’s a toy for every dog’s preference and play style. For King, I needed a durable rubber dog toy to hold up to his big, strong bite. His favorite toy ended up being the Bolt Bite, and I got it in green because that’s his favorite color. He likes to play with it independently, and he especially loves when I put a little bit of peanut butter inside. When he’s done licking the peanut butter out, I love that I can throw it in the dishwasher for a quick, easy clean.


Hans is more of a hands-on player, and I needed to find a teeth toy for dogs because he’s at that age right now. What I found was the Triangle Tug, and I honestly think it’s one of the best puppy teething toys. When we’re playing tug of war together, Hans forgets about chewing everything in sight. When he wants to get some chewing done, he can pick from the rope or rubber ends. Of course, he tends to steal the Bolt Bite from King when he gets struck with teething, but I still think the Triangle Tug is his favorite.

Toys Small TriangleTug Moonstone Dog

My senior, Fran, is a collie and requires a ton of mental stimulation, even in her old age. The Tennis Tumble was the perfect solution for this. Fran and I can play together, or she can play alone, and she gets all the mental stimulation she needs while having fun. The rubber material isn’t too hard on her teeth, either, which is a problem we’ve run into with other toys.

TennisTumble Moonstone Dog

Finally, the Twist Toss was definitely Max’s favorite. Max is a mixed breed that’s mostly lab, and I’m honestly not sure what else. But I do know that he has a lot of energy—maybe even more than Hans does! We can play fetch with the Twist Toss until I get tired (Max never will), and then he can chew on it for a while afterward. It’s the perfect combination.



I Saved A Ton of Money By Buying the Toy Kit

My first purchase from Wild One was the Toy Kit, which includes three of the company’s best-selling toys for $36. Since I have four dogs, I thought this was the perfect option for testing a variety of toys that could keep all the dogs entertained at once. Later, I went back to purchase more toys so all the pups could have multiple play options!

Wild One Dog Toys Are Fun and Functional—I Highly Recommend Them!

Wild One dog toys are a lot of fun for my four dogs and me. Plus, they’re incredibly functional and can provide mental stimulation, teething help, solo play, and group play. I highly recommend these dog toys to other owners. With the variety offered by Wild One, you’re sure to find the perfect toy for each of your pooches.

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