My Dog Would NEVER Take His Vitamins Until I Gave Him These

Benny, a Siberian husky with more than a few screws loose, has been in my life for coming up to a year. He was a rescue and came with a range of health problems that I would need to manage as his new owner. One of those health conditions was itchy skin caused by allergies.

Honey King, November 15, 2022

Partnership with Dandy

Poor Benny would drive himself crazy trying to relieve the itch and would often stop mid-walk just to get to the spot that was bothering him. He had supplements to keep the condition under control and I’m sure they would work really well if I could only get him to swallow them!


I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve tried everything to get his supplements down. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about huskies, it’s that they’re stubborn! I’ve wrapped his capsules in cheese, I’ve dunked them in peanut butter, you name it, I’ve done it. He’s sneaky, too! Just when I thought I’d cracked it, he’d spit the pill out onto the floor. Foiled again! I decided it was time to try a different tactic.


One morning after another failed pill maneuver, I sat down at my computer to do some serious research. There had to be something out there to help me keep my dog in the best of health without the hassle and soggy discarded pills. That’s when I stumbled on Dandy’s range of supplements for dogs. A supplement disguised as a yummy treat? This was something new.


The rest, as they say, is history. One month later and Benny is taking his supplements like the good boy he is. Dandy’s range of supplements and delicious toppers means I no longer have to think up ways to outsmart the dog. That also means no hands covered in peanut butter, no scooping wet pills off the floor, and most importantly, my dog is getting the best dog supplements available.


Full of Great Stuff

Like any responsible and loving pet owner, I always want the best for my pup. That means I’ll only order a new pet product once I’ve done my homework. Dandy fulfilled all of my needs from a dog vitamin supplement and so much more. This is a NON-GMO, all-natural product formulated by vets and made in the USA. From relieving stress and promoting heart health to liver support and healthy vision, Dandy treats are designed to solve many health conditions in one.


Whereas many other dog treats contain colorings and chemicals, added sugar, and rendered fat, Dandy’s supplements for dogs contain nothing but straight-talking natural ingredients with proven health benefits. And because Dandy’s supplements have been crafted and formulated in treat form with a tantalizing beef flavor, dogs go nuts for them.


Oh and Dandy gives back, too. I love how 1% of every Dandy purchase goes to a non-profit of my choice. Of course, I chose the animal shelter Benny came from. Without them, I’d never have this crazy fuzzball in my life.


The best thing of all is I know Dandy supplements are filling the gaps in Benny’s diet and giving him daily support in the areas he needs it the most. I’m so glad I found these supplements when I did as I had no idea what to try next. I even considered making my own homemade dog food supplements to help Benny get the nutrients he needed. Now, I have to keep my Dandy’s on a higher shelf to stop Benny from getting to them. He loves them that much.

Personalized for my Dog’s Specific Needs

Dandy’s online quiz helped me to personalize Benny’s dog vitamin supplement to suit his specific needs. In addition to his itchy skin problem, Benny is also a little hyperactive and nervous around new people. The quiz allowed me to include his specific conditions and issues and I really felt I was getting a personalized service.


Every supplement pack contains four individual supplements. Dandy recommended Immunity Blend, Shine Boost, Supergreens, and L-Theanine for Benny along with information about each supplement and why they were the best choice for him.


There are currently 15 Dandy supplements to choose from, each supporting a different issue, such as allergies, inflammation, anxiety, and joint health. You can also build your own pack from Dandy’s full range or choose pre-made vet-formulated packs that have been specifically created to address a specific condition in one pack. With great names like Happy Belly, Chill Pill, and Pure Heart, selecting your doggy’s supplements is fun as well as simple.


No More Itchies and Scratchies

I have to admit I was more than a little skeptical Dandy’s supplements would help Benny’s allergies and itches. I always like to be proved wrong when it’s to my (and my dog’s) benefit. And prove me wrong Dandy did!


Within two weeks of Benny starting his supplements, he was itching less, and our walks are no longer interrupted by impromptu scratch stops. Today, you’d never know he’d ever suffered from allergies.


And his temperament? He’s still the crazy, loveable husky he always was but he’s so much better around people he’s never met before. In fact, whenever he meets a new person, I give them one of Benny’s Dandy supplements to give to him. He knows instantly they are a friend and somebody he can trust.

Best For You. Best For Your Dog.

Remember earlier in my review when I said what a struggle it was to get Benny to take his supplements? Fast forward a month and I have a dog that can walk 10 meters without a manic scratching session, and who has many new best friends who love him very much. Giving him his supplements is a breeze and I don’t know where we’d be now if we didn’t have Dandy’s supplements. My only regret is I didn’t know about Dandy sooner.

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