The Comfortable, Sustainable Sweatpants of My Dreams

My quest to find the softest, most comfortable home leisure wear came to a peak during the start of the pandemic. Wardrobe-wise, I was in unchartered territory. Having to work from my home office, I needed clothing, ideally casual tops and soft sweatpants that were easy to care for, presentable enough for video meetings and high-quality, yet soft and stretchy enough to feel comfortable and casual at home, even during workouts.

Rachel Moore, November 2, 2022

Partnership with Vuori Clothing

Last but certainly not least, sustainable fashion and environmentally-friendly brands are very important to me. Individually, these qualities are not difficult to come by in today’s retail clothing market, but after a few online searches, I soon realized my preference for all of those features combined was going to be a tall order. So, when I found Vuori’s DreamKnit Collection, I was cautiously optimistic, and I had to give it a try.

Checks All the Boxes

After some quick research on the DreamKnit Collection, this seemed to be a clothing line that was speaking my style language: soft and comfy but polished, wash at home and high-quality. However, like every product purchased online, the real test would be wearing them, living in them and how the material holds up in the washing machine.

As far as sustainability, I have to admit, a moisture-wicking fabric with all of the above, plus 89% recycled materials had me impressed from the start. Not only that, but with the measures Vuori takes to ensure ethical operations and manufacturing, it is a brand I can feel good about doing business with—and wearing.

The Sweatpants Taking Social Media by Storm

We live in an age where the word on the street (or anywhere else) gets around—quickly. The Vuori brand is no exception. Influencers, bloggers, reviewers, etc. are flooding social media with approval of the sustainable fashion brand and DreamKnit fabric that is elevating the standards of athletic and comfort wear so it can also serve as casual, everyday clothing. DreamKnit also comes in a versatile array of colors, so the mixing and matching possibilities are nearly endless.


The social media praise seems to be especially focused on DreamKnit sweatpants and leggings, because let’s face it: While all of us appreciate a comfortable top, it is more challenging to find bottoms that not only feel good during a workout, but that can also maintain a look polished enough to make it through a day of shopping and running errands. But, that is exactly what Vuori has managed to do.

My Verdict…

From the moment I received my Vuori DreamKnit ‘Performance Jogger’, I have wanted to live in them. I immediately realized they were quite different from the sweatpants in my closet and the ones hanging in the athletic wear department of the chain retail stores. While it is common these days for brands of leisure/fitness wear to market their garments as “soft,” I have learned that soft material doesn’t always mean comfortable clothing.


While DreamKnit fabric is deliciously soft, its unsurpassed comfort comes from a combination of softness and four-way stretch that moves when and where I do. There is no binding or bunching. The moisture-wicking properties allow sweat and wetness to quickly move to the outer surface of the fabric where it evaporates, so my skin and clothing stay fresh and dry throughout the day.


Just because DreamKnit sweatpants are the only bottoms I want to wear these days, that doesn’t mean I have to limit myself to one look. Of course, wearing them to the gym with a sports bra and trainers is a no-brainer, but there are several other ways to wear these versatile bottoms. Unlike traditional sweatpants material, DreamKnit fabric is sleek, smooth, and never bulky, so I can get creative with styling them.

I like to wear the joggers with a t-shirt, a denim jacket and a casual slip-on shoe. This is a perfect look for a day at the park or taking in a movie. For dressier days, I like to style my DreamKnit joggers with a button-up tunic, usually belted at the waist with heels. I have also tied a silky scarf belt over the jogger’s waist (drawcord area) and worn them with a cami, a light blazer and mule heels. There is something about jogger-leg sweatpants paired with heels or a dressy sandal that is super-chic these days.


I honestly do not want to take my DreamKnit joggers off. Because I wear them so often, I have washed them several times (turn them inside out, machine wash cold and low dry), and they still look new. Tip: It’s also a good idea to tie the drawstrings together before adding them to the wash. I can’t wait to get more styles and colors!

Get in on the Dream

Little black dresses and elegant evening wear definitely have their place in today’s fashion world, but most people spend the bulk of their time in a casual setting, whether it’s at home, grocery shopping, picking up the kids from school or hanging out with friends and family.


Why spend that time in clothing that is restrictive, uncomfortable, requires dry cleaning and may be manufactured without the environment in mind? Vuori’s DreamKnit line is designed not only to see you through challenging workouts, family gatherings and lunch dates, but to carry you there in comfort. That comfort extends to peace of mind in knowing your new favorite leisure wear is made from 89% recycled materials.


If you still need a bit more motivation to give DreamKnit a try, the line has leggings, harem pants, hoodies, crop tops, tanks, tees and lots more. These versatile, cloud-soft pieces come in an array of colors, so as you can imagine, the looks and styles are endless! Order your today! Returns are free, so you have nothing to lose.

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