Meet Amour Vert: The Sustainable Brand Creating One-of-a-Kind Prints

Christen Lang, February 5, 2024

Partnership with Amour Vert

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When shopping for sustainable fashion, Amour Vert stands out thanks to their one-of-a-kind patterns. Exploring beyond the conventional, their designers find inspiration across the globe, from the rolling hills of the French countryside to Northern California’s wine country. Each design is hand-painted on canvas with tempera paint or drawn digitally, making their pieces a seamless mix of sustainability and style.

A Distinguished Print Legacy

Amour Vert’s artwork is created by in-house designers and in collaboration with esteemed print studios across Europe. These skilled artisans have inherited a rich tradition, passing on their craft through generations. Stepping out in Amour Vert feels like draping yourself in a piece of living art rather than a simple piece of clothing.


The age-old methods embraced by these studios stand as a testament to the enduring power of tradition. Each generation refining its craft and passing on its techniques, contributing to a rich artistic legacy.


Each stroke of vibrant tempera paint brings the canvas to life, marking the first step in crafting Amour Vert’s prints. With months dedicated to perfecting each design, every detail is part of the story.


Once the artwork is complete, it is scanned, capturing every detail and color variation. This digital version becomes the foundation for the final image, marrying of traditional craft and modern technology.

The Allure of Silk

Many of these patterns adorn Amour Vert’s signature washable silk, exclusively sourced from fully traceable, eco-friendly organic farms. This fabric has a soft, natural drape with a delicate feel, all while being machine washable.

Painstakingly Vetted Partners

Amour Vert’s commitment to sustainability extends far beyond the design studio and production floor. They carefully select partners and collaborators whose views align with their high environmental and ethical standards, ensuring that they operate with a shared commitment to ethical practices, setting a benchmark for the fashion industry to continue to do better.

Earth-Friendly Sophistication

The design teams choose eco-friendly materials, each with a traceable, responsible supply chain. Soft, breathable viscose knits that don’t compromise on environmental responsibility. Washable silk, a staple in Amour Vert’s collections, are an elegant and practical, easy-care choice. Their organic cotton is free of harmful pesticides and they use regenerated wool crafted from post-consumer textiles. Amour Vert champions the circular economy, turning waste into a resource.

Sustainable Production

Instead of relying on the fast fashion paradigm, they create timeless styles. Amour Vert challenges the notion of disposable fashion, presenting an alternative rooted in meaningful craftsmanship, prioritizing artisanal methods over mass production.


Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what customers are saying about Amour Vert’s prints and patterns.

Blaze Washable Silk Skirt

“I bought the Blaze Skirt and matching Amy Blouse in Botanic Floral (ivory) in Large. I’m currently size 12-14, and it’s a really lovely, comfortable ensemble. Enough ease in the lower body and flows well at full stride. It looks good with dressy heels and my Birkenstocks and will transition nicely into fall. It washes well and dries quickly.”

Debra W.
Verified Buyer

“The perfect skirt. I’m obsessed. It fits perfectly, goes with so many seasons (boots and knits, sandals and tanks), and I keep getting compliments.”

Stephanie M.
Verified Buyer
Renata Washable Silk Blouse

“Truly a year-round top. I own this top in too many patterns, but I wear it with suits, skirts, jeans, and shorts, be it summer or winter. The length is perfection, especially for those of us with a longer abdomen. The sleeves mean I can lose a layer but not immediately get cold. It’s a fabulous top.”

Kate L.
Verified Buyer

Giving Back

Amour Vert does their part to keep clothes out of landfills through ReAmour. This program embraces the “reduce, reuse, recycle” model by making it easy to find preowned Amour Vert styles.

Shop Timeless Prints & Patterns
Shop Timeless Prints & Patterns
Discover florals, dots, and playful prints for every occasion.
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