On Running: Like Running on a Cloud

Full disclosure: Up until a few years ago, I was a devoted runner, hitting the sidewalk, track or trail a few times a week. Nowadays, city life has helped me rediscover my love for the sport. Running is such a great way to get your heart pumping just about anywhere.

Lexus Wallace, November 2, 2022

Partnership with On Running

It’s finally time for me to take it more seriously, and that includes my comfort level. Finding the right pair of running shoes is no easy task since every brand advertises itself as the new best thing or the best pair of gym shoes to ever hit the market.

Wading through all that muck to find the perfect pair is a hassle, but once you find your ideal running shoes, you never turn back. For avid runners around the world, including yours truly, that pair is the Cloudswift from the revolutionary athletic brand On.

Meet On: Running’s Most Revolutionary Brand

On began deep in the Swiss Alps with retired athlete Olivier Bernhard, who wanted to revolutionize the way running shoes felt. He started experimenting with unique materials and prototypes, bringing Caspar Coppetti and David Allemann onto the team. Together, they developed the innovative “running on a cloud” feel that every runner dreams about.


Using advanced Swiss technology, On reached icon status quickly with its state-of-the-art shoes that facilitate robust takeoffs and cushioned landings for millions of athletes in more than 50 countries.


The technological team has developed high-performing gym shoes to accommodate every activity. Whether you’re walking through the park, exploring the city, hiking, running errands or finishing your next marathon, their quality shoes combine cutting-edge technology with a sleek design to support your feet.

Cloudswift: On in Action

Now comes the true test: Finding out if the On Cloudswift actually feels like running on a cloud or if it’s all hype. I was impressed when I received my sleek black pair as it was stylish enough to blend in with my everyday wear.


The Cloudswift was built with superior arch support and state-of-the-art superfoam. It’s designed for newbies and seasoned runners alike. These shoes are supposed to handle both bustling city streets and country trails, and I was curious to see how they fit into my daily routine.

Helion™ Foam

I took a close look at my pair of shoes. After all, the Cloudswift is supposed to be ideal for urban life, taking wearers from street to gym to trail.


Produced with Swiss-engineered Helion™ superfoam, the Cloudswift ideally gives you a smooth ride regardless of the distance you travel. Rigid sections meet with flexible foam elements, lining up along molecular chains to produce a lightweight yet durable running shoe.

Putting Cloudswift to the Test

The Cloudswift feels like you’re drifting off into dreamland with every step, so not only did it live up to the hype, it exceeded it. The superfoam feel of Helion™ Is the softest thing I’ve ever felt, and it conformed to my feet for the most precise fit I’ve ever had. On is onto something here, no pun intended. These Cloudswift running shoes had my comfort covered as I spent the weekend darting around the city.


I dashed to work in my new pair, ran to catch the subway, hit the trails, zipped through the grocery store, met up with friends around town, then hit the gym for my pre-week workout. These shoes stayed sturdy, soft and oh-so-comfortable every step of the way.


Since I’m a mid-level runner who’s just getting back into the sport, this pair is perfect. The shoes are durable enough to handle heavy-duty runs yet lightweight enough to wear through the day as you handle everyday errands.


These shoes officially have my seal of approval and are ideal for those short to medium-length runs that urban dwellers are all too familiar with. There’s a reason both athletes and aesthetes turn to these shoes.

Embrace Sustainability While You Move

As a brand, On stands strong in its sustainability stance and closely monitors every step of the manufacturing process. It produces high-performance running shoes, apparel and accessories using the lowest possible carbon footprint. Here’s how On is making a major eco-friendly impact.


  • Revolutionary CleanCloud™ technology: Helping save the planet one shoe at a time, CleanCloud™ is an innovative high-performance foam cushioning. Produced from carbon emissions, this one-of-a-kind foam represents a trailblazing shift in the athletic shoe industry. By handling every step of the supply chain, On transforms the emissions from industrial sources into a sleek, supportive pair of running shoes.
  • Alternative materials: On Running embraces environmentally friendly living through its use of fossil-free, recycled, bio-based and carbon emissions-based materials. On uses the expertise of leaders in engineering, carbon recycling and thermoplastics to innovate.
  • Sustainable production: On monitors its supply chain throughout the manufacturing process, working directly with partners to develop products in an energy-efficient manner. These are running shoes that the wearer can feel good about.
  • A circular economy: By producing products that can be broken down, used and reused, On has developed a circular economy that supports a better, more sustainable planet.


The Cloudswift is the ultimate running shoe regardless of the occasion. From city streets to gym machines to running trails, these supportive, highly cushioned shoes get the job done. Both athletes and urban dwellers sing its praises for a reason.


On is a revolutionary brand in the world of athletic apparel, producing high-tech products that are comfortable, stylish and environmentally friendly. On works to embrace sustainable practices through every stage of the manufacturing process to deliver quality goods.

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