My Dog Crate Cluttered The Kitchen – Until I Discovered This One

When I first heard about Fable’s wooden dog crates, I was picturing the kind of wooden crate they sell fruit in. I couldn’t imagine what all the fuss was about. But then I saw pictures of it, and it definitely doesn’t look like a wooden box. It’s the most beautiful dog crate I’ve ever laid eyes on. I also read the five-star reviews and found out about how much people loved their cute dog crates.

Mandy Poole, November 1, 2022

Partnership with Fable Pets

However, I admittedly balked a bit at the price tag. These puppies will run you $395 for the smaller size and $595 for the medium-sized one. It wasn’t that I couldn’t afford it; I just had a hard time justifying spending that much when there are other cheaper alternatives. At first, I thought that people buying these must be well-off enough that they buy the most expensive of everything. I already had a cheaper dog crate, so I didn’t see the point in getting another one at first. Then I finally broke down and bought a Fable crate. This crate isn’t just a luxury item for pampered pets. It’s a functional, well-made home for your dog that doubles as modern-looking furniture.

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The Ins and Outs of Puppy Crates

Having a crate was such a help when I was training Chloe. I didn’t have to worry about coming home to accidents or chewed-up valuables after I had been gone, and she had her own safe space to sleep at night instead of trying to crawl into my bed. It also allowed me to focus on work or projects at home without worrying about her making a puddle on the floor when I wasn’t looking.


However, I wasn’t prepared for how loud metal dog crates can be. I’m a light sleeper and kept getting woken up by rattling sounds when she would scratch at the cage. Metal crates are also open on all sides, so young dogs can feel vulnerable. Covering it with a blanket can help with that, but I worried about her having enough airflow.


I also didn’t realize what eyesores they are. I started to feel really bad about how she looked in that metal crate, like I had my own little jail and I was her jailer. Trust me, although I kept it in the kitchen, there is no room in your house that pairs with a jail cell. While cute dog crates may seem extravagant at first, after I got one, I wondered why no one ever thought of making stylish dog crates before.

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Fable Dog Crate Furniture Features

The Fable crate is a crate of a different breed. It has a Scandinavian-inspired, minimalist design that allows it to double as a piece of furniture. This modern dog crate furniture is handcrafted with beautiful, light-colored premium bent wood that’s super smooth. Each wall is solid wood, but also has small square openings toward the top to allow air to flow properly. The solid bottom part makes it feel more like a cozy den than a cage, while the square openings keep it from feeling like a closed box. This design is perfect for anxious dogs because it more closely mimics a natural den, so they can feel safe.


The gate slides up to open and down to shut, similar to a garage door mechanism. When the gate is open, it’s up out of the way under the top of the crate. You have the choice of a clear acrylic or white metal gate. I chose the clear acrylic so Chloe could easily see me when she was in the crate.


It comes in two sizes:

  • XS/S: for dogs up to 25 pounds
  • Medium: for dogs 25 to 50 pounds


The longest internal length is 24.5 inches for the XS/S and 32 inches for the medium, so you want to make sure you choose the right length since they don’t allow returns. The Fable crate will arrive unassembled, but it’s really easy to put it together.

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Why We Both Love Our Furniture-Style Dog Crate

There were a few things I loved immediately about my dog crate wooden furniture, and one is that it really looks like furniture. Chloe seemed to think so, too, because she walked right in as if she thought it was for people and that she wasn’t supposed to be in it. I also appreciate that the gate opens up and tucks away, so you don’t have to account for extra room for a gate swinging out.


I really love the overall look of it, which is more like a deluxe dog bed than a cold, metal cage. You could use it as an end table in your living room or use the top surface for storage or other purposes. I keep my Fable crate in my bedroom so Chloe can sleep near me, and so I can keep an eye on her while I work at my desk. It doubles as an end table, so I keep my alarm clock and lamp on top of it. There isn’t any metal to rattle, and she doesn’t even try to get out because she feels comfortable, so we both sleep better. Anyone who sees it is amazed at how pretty it is and how it doesn’t even look like a dog crate.


Is the Fable Dog Crate End Table Worth It?

I almost feel silly now that I had such reservations about spending this much on what amounted to a fancy dog bed, or a table with a dog crate, depending on how you look at it. However, seeing Chloe so content and happy in her own little home means so much to me. I feel so good every time I see her in there. I’d have to say now that, although it was a bit of splurge, it’s worth every penny. Simply put, it’s a beautiful piece of furniture that also functions as a comfortable crate for your pet!

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