My Dog and I Hated Kibble. Here’s Why I’ll Never Go Back.

My dog hated his regular kibble, and honestly? I couldn’t blame him. Traditional dry dog kibble is hard and doesn’t look or smell appealing. Even the best wet dog food options just kind of look like slop, and I started to wonder what these commercial dog foods were made of. So, I started researching and learned there were a lot of unhealthy additives and ingredients in even the “vet recommended dog food” brands sold by the big commercial brands.

Tai Hall, November 1, 2022

Partnership with The Farmers Dog

As a healthy eater myself, I felt bad about the things my dog was eating, and I wanted to encourage something more healthy for my best four-legged friend. My dog, Zeus, is a little older and was already showing a few problems with his health.


Zeus’ joints were stiff (especially in the morning), and he mostly slept all day when he was once playful and energetic. Overall, his health just wasn’t what I wanted it to be, and after learning what I did about commercial dog kibble, I knew it was time to switch to different dog food. My main goals? To get as many years with Zeus as possible and ensure he lived his best life.

I Switched To Farmer’s Dog and Saw Immediate Improvements

During my research on dog health and how diet could impact dogs’ health (negatively or positively), I decided it was past time to switch to something better… and that’s when I discovered Farmer’s Dog.


Once I switched from commercial kibble to this fresh dog food, I began noticing immediate improvements. At first, the improvements were minor, and I may have even missed them if I wasn’t specifically looking for them. But, immediately, Zeus was staying awake a little longer and seemed to have more energy overall. This was a big indicator that even more significant improvements to my guy’s health were coming… and I was right.


After a few short weeks on this food, Zeus got up in the morning with less stiffness in his joints. Between the lack of stiffness and increased energy, Zeus started losing some of those extra pounds he’d been packing on. It was like we turned back time. Plus, at his last vet visit, he got a clean health bill.

Easy, Personalized Food Plans For My Pup Are Convenient

To get started with Farmer’s Dog, you take a quick little quiz to talk about your dog, his or her needs and likes, and so on. Farmer’s Dog then creates a personalized food plan based on your answers.


The food used in the packs is made with all human-grade ingredients, and the meals come in pre-portioned packages designed just for Zeus. So I just open the pack, pour the food into Zeus’ dish, and that’s it. The food is as delicious as homemade dog food.


Plus, I don’t have to go to the store. Farmer’s Dog is a fresh dog food delivery service that only provides the absolute best food for dogs. So convenient, delicious, and nutritious – it’s a winning situation all the way around.

My Dog and I Both Love Farmer’s Dog

Zeus loves Farmer’s Dog because it tastes great and looks appealing. Commercial kibble is very dull in appearance, and it doesn’t smell like it tastes very good. I know my pup never liked it. Farmer’s Dog looks appealing, and it smells a lot better than kibble.


I love Farmer’s Dog because it’s made with real food such as human-grade meats and veggies. There are no “meals” or powders that are often made from diseased livestock. No preservatives. No label tricks. Did you know many commercial kibble brands actually use meats that have been rejected for human consumption? Thankfully, that’s not the case for Farmer’s Dog.


The recipes are simple and designed for your dog’s health. Plus, the ingredients aren’t old and gross (which is a lot of what kibble is made of). Instead, the food is fresh to maintain nutritional integrity in USDA kitchens. The recipes developed by Farmer’s Dog are designed by vets and exceed meet industry standards for nutrition and quality.

Farmer’s Dog Is the Best Food for Dogs… I Highly Recommend It!

I highly recommend Farmer’s Dog if you want to give your dog the best. Providing dogs with a superior quality of food may not guarantee they’ll live longer, but healthy dog food brands certainly help in the fight to keep our canine best friends with us longer.


Even better? A great diet means all the years your dog has will be the best they can be. Zeus and I will never go back to commercial kibble – we’re Farmer’s Dog customers for life.

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