It’s Like Boxed Wine, But With Cold Brew! An Honest Review of Wandering Bear Coffee

Confession: I’m a caffeine junkie. As someone who works remotely, I depend on coffee to survive. It’s what gets me through the day whether I’m at my home desk, on a plane or traveling abroad. It keeps me going when the 3pm slump hits, providing the energy boost needed to stay productive and focused. My usual go-to, however, felt wrong.

Lexus Wallace, November 16, 2022

Partnership with Wandering Bear Coffee


I left the house every day to grab a cold brew from Starbucks, but this quickly became expensive and time-consuming, with receipts seemingly screaming from my pocket, “Stop the coffee runs.” I tried cold brew K-cups, but they tasted way too watery, and the rapidly-increasing waste was damaging to the environment.


Seeking sustainable cold brew coffee is no easy task, but I finally found a solution that can accompany my 9-to-5 routine: Wandering Bear Coffee. Like boxed wine with cold brew, it’s a flavorful way to get the caffeine boost I crave without leaving the house, taking the hassle and expense out of obtaining my daily energy fix. Now, I’m officially hooked.

Wandering Bear and Sustainability

Wandering Bear has a mission all of us can get behind: To leave the world a better place than they found it. As a result, the brand embraces sustainable practices. Every single one of Wandering Bear’s products is made with 100% organic ingredients, and these environmentally-friendly connoisseurs don’t stop there. Combining user-friendly design with functional, sustainable materials, packaging is where the brand makes even more of an impact. It’s constructed from lightweight materials with a low carbon footprint, so aluminum, plastic and glass are eschewed in favor of highly functional, earth-friendly choices.


Since Wandering Bear Coffee prides itself on transparency, the brand is honest about both products and packaging, ensuring that low levels of Greenhouse gas emissions are supported throughout the supply chain and renewable resources are used during every step. Boxed cold brew allows you to make cold brew at home without the hassle, and the 100% recyclable packaging is something you can feel good about. Gone are the worries about waste piling up if you’re a coffee addict like yours truly.


Everything is 100% recyclable and shelf-stable, meaning your new cold brew boxes won’t start accumulating around the house or taking up coveted fridge space. From production plant to doorstep, Wandering Bear ensures that the entire process is sustainable and energy consumption remains low. Shelf-stable products, organic materials and Earth-friendly packaging has created visible results: The brand’s supply chain utilizes 70% less energy compared to cold products. Sip to success.


Meet Cold Brew on Tap: Your New Favorite Coffee

Like boxed wine on steroids, Wandering Bear Coffee’s cold brew on tap is a must-have for busybodies everywhere. There are a variety of mouthwatering flavors available, so there’s something on hand to satisfy your taste buds. Straight black pairs perfectly with seasonal creamer, transforming my basic black coffee into a pumpkin spice latte without the time or hassle of the local coffee shop.


Choose from sweet caramel, vanilla, mocha, hazelnut and even decaf for those of who you can get through the day without being highly caffeinated, plus a rotating assortment of seasonal flavors to satisfy diverse tastes. Better yet? Each box is made with 100% USDA-organic ingredients, helping your body and mind stay focused without sacrificing your health. Better yet? This cold brew coffee is sugar-free and dairy-free, making it suitable for a wide range of dietary needs and preferences.


It’s the sustainable work helper I’ve been craving, and now, a cup of creamy mocha or hazelnut coffee is always next to me while I’m at my desk. I work from home, and now, I can get premium coffee in the same place. It’s the revelation we remote workers have been waiting for.


A Convenient and Versatile Energy Boost

The convenience of having Wandering Bear Coffee boxed cold brew on tap is astronomical, and it’s saved major money on my morning, afternoon and nightly routines (like I said, coffee addict). Each box is shelf stable prior to opening, so you can stow your favorite flavors for a rainy day.


Once you open a box, it stays fresh in the fridge for a full 30 days, giving you an entire month to fulfill your caffeine fix. Each glass of cold brew contains the equivalent of two espresso shots, so you get double the energy boost without having to request (or pay for) an extra shot. Strong yet smooth, each flavor of this creamy coffee goes down deliciously.


Easy to use, you just have to push the button, and boom! You’ve got a glass of cold brew goodness ready to go. Made with premium USDA-certified organic beans, this coffee comes straight from the source, providing rich flavor that’s hard to come by at your local cafe. Wandering Bear’s boxed coffee stems from farms worldwide, including from powerful producers like Colombia, Peru, Nicaragua and Mexico, where coffee is a storied tradition dating back centuries.


Sustainably sourced and oh-so-delicious, it’s never been easier to get a taste of the good life. My box is placed directly next to my laptop, ready for another pour whenever I am. It’s eliminated the hassle and wasted time of standing in line at the nearest Starbucks, and with the amount of coffee I drink, it saves significant money as well. Wandering Bear Coffee offers free shipping on all orders, so you can sample a sip before committing. Now that I’ve sampled the stuff, I can’t see myself drinking anything else.


Versatile, convenient and easy to use with an assortment of delicious flavors, Wandering Bear boxed cold brew gives you the caffeine you want where and when you need it. Now, I don’t have to wander into coffee shops every morning with Wandering Bear Black Cold Brew on Tap because my flavorful favorites are on tap, ready to go at a moment’s notice, even when I’m still in my pajamas. With eco-friendly packaging and production, this is one tasty treat that you can feel good about as you savor every last sip.

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