I finally found plants that work for my lifestyle

I never thought it would be such a challenge to find pet-friendly plants. I love the vibe greenery brings to my space, but I’m constantly worried that my cats will ingest something they shouldn’t. Fortunately, I found The Sill and its incredible selection of non-toxic plants, including plants for cats. So if you’d love to curate a collection of houseplants but have concerns about the effects on your feline friends, The Sill is your new source.

Willa Cohen, November 15, 2022

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Getting Started With The Sill

The Sill is super easy to use, even if you’ve never purchased plants online. Every plant features free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means you can get a refund for any reason if you have a problem with your purchase.


I also loved the wide selection of pet-friendly plants available at The Sill. This category isn’t just a few token non-toxic options. Instead, you’ll find dozens of cat-safe and dog-safe plants, including the adorable variegated heart leaf hoya, artisan moss varieties like the preserved fern kokedama, and large show-stoppers like the faux floor cactus and faux variegated monstera tree.


Large floor plants are a good choice since they’re tough for pets to knock over accidentally. They also come in natural and convincing faux varieties for the ultimate in the set-it-and-forget-it green thumb. Hanging plants also work well since they’re high up and out of your pet’s way.


Maybe you’re a new plant owner, unsure where to start, or you prefer a premade set of pet-friendly options. You can select the Pet-Friendly Plant Parent bundle, which includes the gardener’s choice of either three or five non-toxic plants. Another fantastic, convenient option is the pet-friendly duo, which consists of the peperomia obtusifolia and the parlor palm.


If you don’t have pets, you’ll also find special collections to fit other lifestyle needs. For example, apartment and small-space dwellers will appreciate the collection of plants that thrive in low light, while busy bees will appreciate the low-care collection of plants that don’t need much attention.


What to Expect With Your Shipment

The Sill promises healthy, high-quality plants delivered right to your door, even for orders that ship across the country. The company uses carbon-neutral shipping through UPS to reduce its environmental footprint, another benefit of shopping with the brand.


Plants ship right in their nursery grow pot, so they remain protected throughout the journey. The Sill even adds special winter packaging after November 15, so your order will stay warm even if temperatures drop during transit.


You’ll keep your new plant in its shipping pot for about two weeks. Then, once it’s become acclimated to the new space, it’s ready to be repotted in your favorite planter. If you have any questions about plant care, browse The Sill’s extensive library of online resources or reach out to the Customer Happiness team.


Your order will ship in 1 to 2 business days if you choose express shipping, while standard shipping takes between 2 and 8 business days. The Sill currently ships to customers throughout the 48 continental United States.


It’s easy to build a collection of plants for your home with The Sill — you even earn rewards points with each purchase you can spend at the shop in the future.

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Why I Love the Pet-Friendly Collection

Adopting my cats has had such a positive impact on my life. As a brand-new pet owner, though, I didn’t realize I’d have to make some sacrifices for my adorable kittens. Although I had to give away most of my plants after bringing them home, now that they’re a few years old, I’m ready to try again with some cat-friendly plant varieties. It’s a risk-free proposition when you go with The Sill. You can always let them know if you aren’t happy, and take advantage of the 30-Day Customer Happiness Guarantee to get a full refund.


I’m so happy I learned about all the excellent non-toxic plant options available at The Sill. The brand showed me you can have it all when it comes to pets and plants, with dozens of options that won’t hurt your dog or cat if they decide to take a taste. In addition, these species are durable enough to stand up to light contact with a curious paw. The plants in the pet-friendly collection also boost the air quality in your home, which helps both human and animal household members stay healthy. Shop today to find the perfect plant fit for your lifestyle.

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