How to Bring Your Dinner Party to the Next Level

There are few things I love more than hosting a dinner party for my friends and family. As soon as the date is arranged, I’m busy making lists, saving recipes, ordering food and beverages and thinking about my table decorations and settings. I’m always on the lookout for those unique touches that add flair to my evening and make for an unforgettable experience for my guests. From after-dinner games to themed cocktails, anything goes!

Honey King, November 3, 2022

Partnership with Letter Folk

My next dinner party was coming up and I was looking for something a little different for the table. I needed new placemats and thought I’d start there to see if I could find something fun and unique. As I was browsing through the different options online, I came across Letterfolk’s customizable placemats. These looked like just the thing I was after. These clever silicone placements are made up of small individual tiles that you can place yourself to make different designs and even spell out the initials of your guests! I was sold immediately! I was already giggling to myself imagining the fun we could have with them!

Putting the Fun Back in Functional

For me, the dining table is one of my favorite places of all in the home. It’s where my family comes together to share their stories of the day, and where I can show my closest friends how much I care about them. These shared experiences are so important for me and my family. We all have busy days where we might not see one another until the evening. As well as catching up, it’s great to sit around and have some fun. We might play some board games or share some jokes. I knew the customizable tile mats from Letterfolk were going to be a hit!


I also knew that my guests would love their own personalized tile mats. In addition to the standard tile set, you can also choose from a range of color bundles to suit your decor or theme. From monochrome and holiday colors to pastels and retro shades, Letterfolk really has every special event and personal preference. As my dinner party was in the summer, I went for the pretty Sunny bundle with its baby blue, pastel pink and sunny yellow tiles. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any more exciting, I discovered their tile mat design tool! This interactive online tool allows you to create a design on screen and then follow it with your own tiles. You can play around with colors, write messages, create pictures and so much more. I was hooked!

I Fell in Love With the Entire Range

After adding the customizable tile mats and color bundle to my cart, I went back to browse the rest of the range. Letterfolk makes customizable decor that lets you share your own story. From commemorating milestones to making family memories, their products let you say what you want to say your way. I’m a sucker for products that let me add my own personal touches around my home.


Letterfolk makes some great letter boards in a wide selection of sizes and fonts. I added one of these to my cart, too! I love leaving cute messages to my family and they are great for birthday and holiday greetings. I also fell in love with their quirky modern cuckoo clocks and have dropped plenty of hints to my husband that I’d love one for my birthday! Watch this space! I might have another review for you.

A Hit With My Guests

Fast forward a few days and the dinner party was a great success. As I’d suspected, the tile mats were a massive hit and everybody wanted to know where I got them from. From a practical point of view, the mats are incredibly easy to clean and can be given a quick wipe with a damp cloth. And because they are made from soft silicone, they won’t scratch glass or metal surfaces as some placemats can.


After dinner, we all took our mats apart and created our own unique designs which was a hoot after a few glasses of wine. My children also love creating their own designs and playing word games with their mats. This boost to their creativity was a welcome bonus! I’ve recently bought the holiday tile bundle ready for the festive season. I can’t wait to have some fun with those.

The Exciting Finishing Touch For Any Table

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party sometime soon or you’re looking for fun placemats that all the family will love, Letterfolk’s customizable placemats are fun, practical and unique. Your friends and family will love deconstructing their placemat and creating their own masterpieces.


I’m so glad that I took a chance on these products. I’ve been delighted with all of my purchases from Letterfolk so far and I’m looking forward to choosing more color bundles and creating exciting new looks in the future.

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