5 Reasons Why I (& My Dog) Love Sundays

I’m lucky my job allows me to work from home. My days are often spent at my desk for hours, either typing furiously, staring out the window in deep thought, or checking what’s in the fridge.

Honey King, November 10, 2022

Partnership with Sundays For Dogs

All the while, my faithful dog George is at my feet snoozing or outside in the yard frolicking. He’s a whippet and as anybody with a whippet knows, they have two modes — mad zoomies and big sleepies.


George is one of life’s good boys, so I like to give him the best food I can. It’s got to be as fresh as possible, it needs to be healthy, and it needs to be easy to prepare. Oh and George likes it to be tasty, too. That’s an almighty wishlist, and it’s hard to find a healthy dog food that checks all the right boxes.


That is until Sundays with their air-dried dog food bounded into our lives. I found out about Sundays from a friend when we were at the dog park. She was so enthusiastic about the “best dog food I’ve ever found” that I had to interrupt and ask if she was on commission.


“Oh no”, she said, “this is just the best thing I’ve ever given Rex. It’s different from the other dry foods. It’s more like little strips of jerky. So cool! And Rex just wolfed it down. It’s really healthy, too. I think it’s even human-grade, but I haven’t tried it…yet!” If she’d had a tail, it would be furiously wagging in excitement. I had to see what all the fuss was about.


I browsed the Sundays website then and there on my phone. The first thing that stood out is this is dog food made by a veterinarian. That’s some kudos right there. Reading further I discovered Sundays is an all-natural, human-grade, and ready-to-eat dog food. And with recipe ingredients like beef, zucchini, fish oil, cranberries, shiitake mushrooms, and dried kelp, I was starting to salivate myself!


And so, like an eager labrador faced with a massive pile of tantalizing leaves, I dove right in and placed an order. Here’s a genuine and honest review from a pet lover who just wants to give their best friend the best food for dogs there is.

1. Sundays is Tasty

Of course, just because ingredients are all-natural doesn’t mean they taste good. There was only one living being in my home that could give a genuine verdict — George. Now, George isn’t one of those hounds that will eat anything he’s offered. On the contrary, he’s quite the picky eater.


I’ve wasted many a dollar on vet-recommended dog food, wet dog food, and even tried my hand at homemade dog food. Fortunately, Sundays seems to have cracked the formula for fussy pups like mine.


On pouring some meaty morsels into his bowl, my curious George sniffed tentatively and started gobbling up his dinner like there was no tomorrow. If George could give an online review, it would be five wags of his tail. Happy dog, happy owner!


What’s different about Sundays is that they use a unique air-drying method that gently dehydrates carefully selected meat cuts slow and low to lock in all the nutrients and flavor. Right now, there are two varieties to try — chicken and beef. George loves both varieties equally.

2. Healthy and Nutritious

Did you know many grain-free dog foods today have potatoes or legumes added to give shape and form to the kibble? These might sound like a healthy addition to your pooch’s bowl, but the FDA thinks differently. Its ongoing investigation is exploring the link between potatoes, lentils, peas, soy, etc., and heart failure in dogs. Sundays responded by removing chickpeas and sweet potatoes from their recipe and adding a little gluten-free quinoa instead.


While George cares more about his tennis ball than what goes into his food, I want him to be around for many years. Knowing Sundays is packed with amazing ingredients that are good for him and that they keep on top of the latest advice gives me real peace of mind. I like knowing I’m giving him the best dry dog food I possibly can.

3. Easy and Convenient

Feeding George Sundays is as easy as pouring my own cereal into a bowl. There’s no prep, there’s no mess, and there’s no clean-up. Sundays can also be stored like regular dry food and won’t take up any valuable fridge space. The formula is ready to eat and quick to serve. That’s great news if you have a pack of hungry hounds to feed in one sitting.


Another great thing about Sundays is George loves it so much he regards it as a treat. We’re in the middle of recall training right now (he’s always after those squirrels!) and I can always tempt him back to my side when I pack some Sundays in my treat pouch.

4. Great Value For Money

So, all that greatness must come at a price, right? Well, I’m a big believer you get what you pay for, and that’s certainly true with Sundays. This is quality air-dried dog food packed with some of the best ingredients you can give your best friend. Because Sundays customizes its meal plans to suit the specific needs of your dog, prices per bag can vary. Typically, you’ll be looking at spending around $75 for a 40-ounce bag.


However, if you sign up for a subscription plan like I did, that price comes down to just $59 thanks to the 20% discount you get when you subscribe. You’ll also find regular coupon codes on the Sundays website that give generous discounts.

5. So Many Goodies and Benefits in One Bag

In addition to being one of the best air-dried dog food products available today, Sundays offers so many more benefits besides. This is 100% human-grade dog food that’s fresh without the fridge and healthy without the hassle.

Invest in Your Dog’s Health and Happiness With Sundays

Switching to Sundays was the best thing I have done for George. He actually recognizes the word “Sundays!” now and comes skidding into the kitchen when he hears it. He’s happy because he gets his favorite food for breakfast and dinner, and I’m happy because I know every bowl is packed with all of the good stuff to keep him strong, healthy, and snoozing at my feet for years to come.

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