Skincare 101: The Curology Routine

I appreciate an easy approach to skin care, as long as it actually works for my complexion and my lifestyle. Lately, I’ve been all about Curology because the brand makes it so simple to develop an effective daily regimen for beautiful, radiant skin.

Willa Cohen, November 17, 2022

Partnership with Curology

They offer only dermatologist-tested products so you can avoid harsh, irritating ingredients. Plus, their formulas really work, whether you’re struggling with a dry, dull complexion, want to eliminate signs of aging or need relief from blackheads or blemishes.


In this guide, I’ll take you through my daily routine and explore my favorite Curology skin care products for each step from sunrise to sunset.

Woman applying topical skincare

Good Morning: My A.M. Routine

My day starts with Curology’s iconic Cleanser & Moisturizer Combo. This set is designed to wash away dirt and debris while keeping skin fresh, hydrated and healthy. I start with the light, foaming facial cleanser, which refreshes my tired skin and helps me feel alert and energized.


For the second step in my morning regimen, I prefer Curology’s lightweight gel moisturizer. It hydrates dry skin without feeling too heavy. If you prefer a richer formula, you can try the brand’s creamy moisturizer after you cleanse. Both versions seal in moisture for a supple and youthful glow that lasts the entire day.


These gentle formulas are vegan and completely fragrance-free. They’re also noncomedogenic, which means they won’t clog your pores. Curology dermatologists design these products to work well for people of all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone complexions.

Сleanser Moisturizer

Seizing the Day: Afternoon Products

When it’s time to take on the day’s activities, my skin is prepared thanks to Curology sunscreen and lip balm. Wearing sunscreen every day, even when it’s cloudy outside, is one of the best things I do for my skin, so I make sure to throw it in my bag when I’m on the go.


Curology offers a broad-spectrum SPF 30 formula that blocks both UVA and UVB rays with 9.4% zinc oxide. The mineral lotion formula quickly absorbs into your skin with no greasy residue, and it won’t leave your pores clogged. The fresh finish provides the perfect palette for my makeup. It also blends seamlessly with every skin tone, unlike some products that leave a white cast on darker complexions.


Curology Lip Balm is another staple of my afternoon routine. The vegan formula keeps my lips soft and smooth all day long; in fact, I rarely need to reapply. You can choose from three delicious flavors. Passionfruit is my favorite, but Mint and Vanilla are also divine. There’s even an unflavored version for those of us with ultra-sensitive skin. I also love the one-handed design so I can swipe it on anytime my lips are feeling a bit parched. The package prevents contamination so your lip balm stays sterile until you reach the bottom of the tube.

lip Balm

Time to Relax: Evening Curology Faves

At the end of a busy day, Curology has the perfect products for a relaxing evening. I always use their Body Wash and Makeup Remover when I’m getting ready for bed.


Removing makeup is a must at the end of the day, even if I only used a few basics. Curology’s micellar makeup remover makes even the strongest waterproof formulas disappear, no rubbing required. The formula is free of harsh, drying ingredients such as sulfates, parabens and fragrances. As a result, it’s gentle enough for every type of skin. I especially love the smooth, silky feel of this makeup remover. It glides across my skin and takes away the stresses of the day.


As for the body wash, it is the perfect way to fight back against acne. It has just a hint of salicylic acid to banish body breakouts without drying your skin. Your pores will feel clear, clean and fresh after you wash with this light-foaming formula. Dermatologists designed the body wash specifically to gently treat acne on the chest, back and other areas. Best of all, it’s safe and effective for all skin types.


I also reach for my Curology Cleanser & Moisturizer combo one more time before I turn in for the night. I love the feeling of going to bed with a fresh face, then waking up to smooth, soft skin ready to do it all over again.


Are you inspired by this easy, ready-made routine? If so, Curology has every skincare product you need to take you through your day. It’s all dermatologist designed and tested. It gives you the glowing results you’ve always looked for in a daily skincare routine.

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