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The outermost layer of the skin, the epidermis (also called the ‘skin barrier’ or ‘moisture barrier’), is a type of buffer to shield your skin against harsh elements. The skin barrier seals in moisture and nutrients for a healthy-looking complexion. The skin barrier can become compromised and weakened by strong cleansers, over-exfoliating, and UV exposure.

Rachel Moore, November 17, 2022

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Skin Struggles

After trying dozens of skin care regimens that always seemed to fall short of what they promised, I started some serious research to find out what I was doing wrong. Although my skin often felt dry, dehydrated, and sensitive, especially in winter weather, I also experienced occasional breakouts. This didn’t make sense to me because skin care and moisturizing had been my top priorities over the years. I was constantly paying top dollar for the latest ‘breakthrough’ creams, scrubs, oils, and lotions, but I would still end up with red, irritated, and very uncomfortable skin.

I was tired of spending an hour in front of the mirror each morning applying layers of full-coverage concealer and foundation, only to look in the mirror a couple of hours later to see uneven patches of redness and makeup sitting on my face. I attributed these skin issues to slow cell turnover, so I turned to more intense exfoliating methods, such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels, which worsened my skin symptoms.


During my research, I learned my aggressive skincare habits were damaging my skin’s barrier and exposing my skin to harmful elements. Although there was some merit to the claims on the products I was using, my damaged skin barrier prevented them from working as they should. My skin no longer had a way to defend itself. I had allowed myself to get stuck in a cycle of regimens and treatments that were the opposite of my skin’s need to be balanced and healthy.

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The Hunt

Finding the right moisturizer for my skin became a frustrating and overwhelming ordeal, as every major beauty and cosmetics store stock hundreds of brands and formulas. However, once I looked into the science of how the skin naturally protects itself from free radicals and pathogens, I learned that effective moisturizing goes further than simply quenching the skin’s surface. I discovered that while moisturizing is a crucial step, it is essential to choose a formula with ingredients that not only add basic emollients but also work to maintain and replenish the skin barrier.


So, armed with the names of ingredients and a search engine, I stumbled upon Barrier Restore Cream by Rhode. It contains fatty acids, glycerin, and niacinamide, and the product’s name makes its mission clear. It was worth a try, especially considering the product was priced very reasonably compared to the pricey potions I had invested in over the years. So, hoping I had finally cracked the code to my skin woes, I purchased Barrier Restore and awaited its arrival.

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The Solution

When I first applied Barrier Restore Cream, I immediately felt a cool, soothing comfort. After a week of using BRC, I noticed less redness, and I no longer felt that prickly stinging I used to feel, especially in cold winter winds. As time went by with continued use, my complexion felt more balanced, and my skin finally looked healthy and dewy but never oily or greasy. BRC was restoring and activating my skin’s ability to protect itself. After a few weeks, the improvement was apparent not only to me but also to friends and family members. Breakouts are no longer an issue since my skin is no longer directly exposed to pathogens and bacteria.


My makeup (if I decide to wear it!) takes minutes to apply now rather than an hour — and it stays where I put it for hours. I no longer need to keep applying moisturizer throughout the day. One application of BRC provides the hydration and nourishment my skin needs for the entire day, and my skin finally feels comfortable. This is because Barrier Restore Cream by Rhodes contains humectants that attract and draw water, so the hydration is sealed in.


Happily Ever After

If you have skin troubles similar to my previous issues, I highly recommend you try Barrier Restore Cream by Rhodes. Because of marketing in the beauty industry today, it is easy to get caught up in a cycle of promises from the next new product, but your skin problems may be the result of a damaged skin barrier.


BRC can help you, too.

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