Meet The Dreamy Winter Palette From Colourpop

Winter is a time that brings thoughts of soft, white snow and glimmering snowflakes. During this time of year, the skies are a deep blue with gorgeous darker blue tones during the night. The pink and green of neon lights add a pop of color to an otherwise bright white landscape.

Tai Hall, November 2, 2022

Partnership with ColourPop

The beauty of winter is absolutely breathtaking, and I’ve always wanted to recreate the imagery with my makeup during that time of year. It’s been a challenge finding the right shades for my efforts, but finally, I found a glimmer of soft, sparkling, cheery hope on my winter wonderland horizon.

Express The Feelings of A Winter Wonderland With Aurora Struck

That sparkling hope on my winter wonderland horizon was the Aurora Struck winter palette by Colourpop. The colors in this makeup palette perfectly represent all the beautiful images winter brings to my mind. “Head North” is an icy metallic white that reminds me of frozen-over ponds meant for ice skating. “Spiraling” is a pale grey with silver pinpoints that reminds me of dim winter mornings with tiny particles of ice still hanging in the air after a winter storm. “Orca” is a matte deep navy blue that brings to mind the bright, clear skies that happen after a winter storm has passed.


My favorite colors are “In Orbit” and “Total Eclipse.” “In Orbit” is a metallic-rich teal with a golden chrome finish that perfectly matches my favorite sweater and brings to mind the quiet forest, devoid of people or animals during the coldest winter months. I’ve always loved that natural silence you can’t get in any other season. “Total Eclipse” is a matte black with teal and violet pinpoints that reminds me of a starlit night in the middle of nowhere.


These are only a sampling of the colors you get with Aurora Struck. One of my favorite things about Colourpop eyeshadow palettes is how many colors you get. With such an aesthetic variety, you have every color you could possibly need to create your favorite wintery look. With such beautiful colors, I couldn’t wait to give them a test drive and see if they were as amazing as I had hoped.

colourpop Aurora Struck

Choosing The Best Eyeshadow Palettes

If you’re not obsessed with makeup (like me), it can be challenging to find the best eyeshadow palettes – the ones that will look amazing, last forever, and, of course, are worth the money spent. So before I dive into whether the Aurora Struck was worth the hype I heard and felt when I first saw their colors, here are a few tips on choosing the best eyeshadow palettes:


  • You want to find deep colors that will really make your eyes “pop,” so steer clear of light or flimsy-seeming shades
  • Look for items that are long-wearing, so you can seamlessly transition from home to work to a night out without having to do too many touch-ups
  • Aim for palettes that provide a variety of color options so you can create countless vibrant looks for the price of a single item
  • Find eyeshadow palettes that make you feel good – and that feel good to wear!


Now, on to the verdict!


The Verdict: Does Aurora Struck by Colourpop Deserve The Hype?

So, the big question is, does the Aurora Struck by Colourpop deserve the hype? Was it worth the money I paid, and did it live up to my expectations? The answer… Yes! Not only did it live up to my expectations, but it vastly exceeded them. It checked all of the essential boxes I listed out above. The colors are deep and long-lasting… And absolutely dreamy. When applied, the makeup feels velvety on my skin. It didn’t feel cakey or clumpy at all.


When talking about versatility, this eyeshadow palette is the real deal. I’ve created a dozen looks with it so far, and there are so many more I can’t wait to try out. One of my favorite looks was a dual-toned blue using “Journey” and “Stormy Much.” It made my eyes pop with the vivid blues. Another look I created was a nighttime look using the dark “Due South” with the rich “Orca.” The colors contrasted beautifully yet somehow managed to blend seamlessly.


Perfect Your Eyeshadow Look Today

If you’re looking for an eyeshadow palette that will help you recreate the beautiful aesthetic of winter, I highly recommend Aurora Struck by Colourpop. Not only are the colors breathtaking, but the palette is of the highest quality. So perfect your eyeshadow look today – it’s a decision you won’t regret!

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