A new superfood routine for your skin

I was so excited when I heard about SUPERFOOD CLEANSER, from one of my favorite skincare brands, Youth to the People. After all, I try to pack as many superfoods into my diet as possible. From my go-to green smoothie with spinach and kale to yogurt blended with berries, these vitamin-rich ingredients play a vital role in my day. Why not add superfoods to my natural skincare routine too?

Willa Cohen, November 17, 2022

Partnership with Youth To The People

In this review, I’ll let you know whether SUPERFOOD CLEANSER lives up to the level of its delicious and nutritious namesake. Will it really provide a green juice cleanse for your face? Here’s what I found out about this popular product, which won the 2022 Allure Readers’ Choice Award.

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Inspecting the ingredients

As soon as I read the ingredient list, I knew that SUPERFOOD CLEANSER would probably find a place in my regular regimen. After all, it features some of my favorite foods, including:


  • Green tea for an infusion of antioxidants that fights fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging
  • Spinach for a soothing skin sensation thanks to a robust dose of essential fatty acids
  • Kale for the omega-3 fatty acids and phytonutrients that give skin a healthy glow


Together, this dream team of superfoods gently cleans and balances the skin so you won’t be left with a dry or irritated complexion. SUPERFOOD CLEANSER also dives deep to remove debris and prevent dirt and bacteria from building up and causing blemishes. This product successfully banishes dullness and reduces the size of pores for a clean, flawless finish.


Reviewing the routine

To truly experience SUPERFOOD CLEANSER as intended, I tested the full routine so I can give you the scoop. Youth to the People recommends creating a Double Cleanse Duo with SUPERBERRY DREAM CLEANSING BALM as step one.


First, I used the oil-based balm to remove my makeup at the end of the day. I loved the way it quickly removed even my most stubborn sunscreen residue, leaving my sensitive skin feeling soft and supple. Like SUPERFOOD CLEANSER, SUPERBERRY DREAM CLEANSING BALM is packed with healthy natural ingredients like hyaluronic acid, prickly pear extract and maqui.


Next, I started step two with the SUPERFOOD CLEANSER. The water-based gel completely refreshed my pores, improving both the tone and texture without drying or stinging.


Using these impressive products together results in the ultimate clean. I loved how fresh my skin felt all day, not to mention the healthy glow that radiated from my pores. I also loved the clean, green scent of these products – it reminded me of the aroma of fresh herbs in a summer garden.

I personally plan to save money on my new favorite cleansing routine by stocking up on the brand’s Double Double Cleanse Bundle, which contains two 1-ounce containers of SUPERBERRY DREAM CLEANSING BALM and two 8-ounce containers of SUPERFOOD CLEANSER.

K01 Cleanser

Shopping for sustainable skincare

I need my natural skincare routine to protect the environment as well as it does my complexion. Youth to the People makes it easy to shop for sustainable, high-quality products that leave my skin looking and feeling its best.


I’ll be shopping for the extra-large SUPERFOOD CLEANSER REFILL to prevent waste. This glass container (an identifying characteristic of the brand) contains a six-month supply of the product (which by the way, is a vegan formula).


You can use this bigger version to refill your 2-ounce and 8-ounce jars instead of throwing them away. Once it’s empty, it’s big enough to use as a container in your pantry or upcycle into a vase for beautiful fresh flowers. I love keeping reusable containers out of the landfill, so this cool program makes my day.

Youth to the People uses evidence-based scientific research when developing superfood-based skincare products. They strive to source ingredients responsibly, relying on local suppliers whenever possible to reduce their environmental impact. The company also supports human rights through its Good to the People Funds and ships its products only in certified forest-safe paper packaging.


SUPERFOOD CLEANSER hit all the marks for me. It contains healthy, natural ingredients, cleans effectively and leaves my complexion looking incredible. Youth to the People’s commitment to sustainability aligns with my own eco-friendly lifestyle.


Check out this product today if you’re ready to experience the skin benefits of superfood. It’s good for all skin types, including normal, oily, sensitive, dry and combination complexions. You can even work directly with a beauty professional from the brand to develop a personalized routine.

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