Why I Made the Switch to Sustainable Fashion

Christen Lang, December 6, 2023

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Shop Timeless & Sustainable Styles
Discover French-Inspired designs with a California-natural Twist.
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The fashion landscape has changed dramatically in recent years due to the rise of “fast fashion” companies – you know who they are. Their trendy styles and bargain pricing may entice consumers who want instant gratification, but they come with significant ethical and environmental costs. Plus, most designs will be out of style by next season. On the flip side, slow fashion from sustainable fashion brands such as Amour Vert allows you to build a modern wardrobe you can feel good about.

Why I No Longer Shop for Fast Fashion

I used to have an entire wardrobe of uber-trendy but low-quality fashion pieces. That changed when I started to understand the implications of my shopping choices.
While getting ready one day, I realized that almost everything in my closet was disposable. I rarely wore anything twice, and many outfits were just props for selfies. The classic pieces in my wardrobe tended to get the most wear, but they fell apart after just a few wears. That made me look at the actual cost of fast fashion. Bottom line: it was costing me more money than it was saving.


Educating myself was priority number one. Once I started reading, I was shocked at the water and soil pollution statistics, the carbon emissions of shipping, and the volume of wasted and discarded textiles in our landfills. And I couldn’t ignore the unfair labor practices that were still happening.


I looked in my closet with a new perspective and decided to change how I shopped. I wanted to look good, but I also needed to feel good about my fashion choices. That’s when I discovered Amour Vert. Their designs are timeless with a bit of a French twist. They are produced in small batches to minimize waste, are ethically crafted, and are made from recycled and organic materials. Every detail is considered, from the manufacturers they work with to their packaging.

Reasons to Shop Slow Fashion From Amour Vert

If you’re looking to ditch your fast fashion and big box store addiction, here’s why sustainable styles will look better longer and do less harm to the planet.

Ethical Partners

Every partner who works with Amour Vert is carefully vetted. From manufacturers and fabric mills to third-party brands, they all meet the highest environmental and ethical standards. That means I can feel good about their products.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Every material in Amour Vert’s collection is considered. There’s regenerated wool, 100% recycled cashmere, organic cotton, and recycled polyester, to name a few. Even the packaging online orders are shipped in is recycled and biodegradable.

Timeless Design and Quality

Simple shapes and effortless silhouettes ensure I’ll wear the clothes I buy at Amour Vert for years to come. The impeccable craftsmanship means I’ll never worry that my favorite tops and pants will draw up or tear after a few wears.


Amour Vert is an open book regarding where they source their materials and how they manufacture their clothing. This honesty helps me feel good about shopping for new things to add to my closet.

Giving Back

As part of their longstanding Tees for Trees program, for every tee purchased, Amour Vert plants a tree in North America in partnership with American Forests®. To date, the initiative has planted 373,382 trees.


Another thing I love is ReAmour. That’s their resale marketplace where you can buy and sell pre-loved AV styles at amazing prices, keeping the clothing in circulation and out of the landfills.

Shop Timeless & Sustainable Styles
Shop Timeless & Sustainable Styles
Discover French-Inspired designs with a California-natural Twist.
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