These Science Kits Are Becoming the Must-Have Gifts for Kids in 2023

Emily G., September 26, 2023

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Though trendy gadgets seem to dominate many wish lists for birthdays, holidays, special occasions, a surprising contender has arisen recently in Generation Genius Science Kits. These hands-on science experiments have become one of the most sought-after kids gifts on the market, arousing the curiosity of children, teenagers and lifelong-learning enthusiasts alike. But what exactly is it about these Science Kits that’s creating such a buzz?

Sandy's Story

Sandy faced a common conundrum for parents — a bored child who was glued to the TV, learning absolutely nothing. She says, “As a busy working mom, I felt horrible. Daphne just wanted to waste the afternoons mindlessly watching movies and shows. As I watched her enthusiasm fade away, I realized it was up to me to find ways to reignite her curiosity and get her excited about learning — and life! — again.”


Sandy had heard about Generation Genius Science Kits from a friend who raved about how much her kids loved them, so she decided to give them a try. Sandy says, “I just thought – ‘Why not?’ I had read all their reviews, and even teachers had nothing but good things to say. Maybe this was the engaging alternative to the endless shows my daughter was watching with no educational value” When the Science Kit arrived from Generation Genius, Daphne was a little skeptical, but her curiosity was definitely aroused. “Once she opened the box, she was instantly hooked. She immediately began reading the instructions and arranging items to do her first experiment. I could tell right away that she saw it as an exciting challenge.”


Sandy continues, “After completing her first successful science experiment, Daphne’s confidence grew by leaps and bounds. With each experiment she tried, she gained problem-solving skills and was learning STEM while having fun doing it! We even started to see her science grade improve in school! Now, she looks forward to getting a new science kit every month, and it definitely helps that Dr. Jeff makes learning so fun.”


And Sandy’s story isn’t unique — lots of parents have raved about how Generation Genius Science Kits have been a game changer, including families with youngsters who already have a passion for STEM topics and an innate love of learning, making a science kit a great kids gift for a variety of children.

The Reasons Families Give Generation Genius Science Kits Rave Reviews

Aside from alleviating boredom and encouraging learning, one of the main reasons families give Generation Genius Science Kits stellar reviews is simply because of how fun they are! Read on to learn more about why so many parents love these science experiment kits.

Three Experiments in Every Kit

Each Generation Genius Science Kit includes three safe, hands-on science experiments. Designed for home use, these kits come with everything needed to complete each experiment. Some examples of previous science experiments include creating glow-in-the-dark patterns, turning liquid to snow, and making instant UV blueprints.

Hours of Entertainment for Kids

The repeatable nature of the science experiments in a Generation Genius Science Kit provides hours upon hours of entertainment for kids. Perfect for weekends, after-school hours and holidays, these kits spark curiosity and encourage children to look deeper into the topics presented. Further, they spark a lifetime love for learning by empowering kids to dig deeper on their own.

Makes Learning Fun

Generation Genius Science Kits take the fun quotient up a notch to get kids interested in STEM topics. By providing fun learning experiences through hands-on experimentation, kids become excited about topics like biology, chemistry, engineering and mathematics, which helps better prepare them for the future. Each science kit meets kids where they are by making even difficult topics seem fun and relatable, helping them take each lesson with them into life.

Guided Videos With Dr. Jeff

Step-by-step instructional videos included with each Generation Genius Science Kit set children up for success by keeping them engaged and entertained. Each kit includes fun and exciting guided videos hosted by the hilarious Dr. Jeff, walking children through the science experiments and allowing them to easily follow along.

Creates Lasting Memories

Give your children great memories that last a lifetime by completing the science experiments in each Generation Genius Science Kit along with them. The kits are designed for children ages 9 and up with adult supervision, which makes them a great way to enhance family time. Complete these activities with your children to forge bonds and create new traditions that involve laughter, love and learning.

Generation Genius Science Kit Customer Reviews

Easily the most high quality subscription box we’ve tried (and we have tried several!). I love how the videos pause themselves and give kids plenty of time to work at their own pace. Nearly everything is recyclable as well! It is the highlight of our week when my 5 year old and I do a project together

- Si B.

I am obsessed! I love doing it with my kids. It is a fun thing for us to do together. When we were doing the experiments she said, “I love science!” I love that we can follow along with the video and they are explaining as we go. I am very impressed and all of us cannot wait for our next box.

- Shelby G.

Emma said we should mark 1 thousand stars. She loved it. She is still playing with it. Please keep making this for thousands of kids around the globe.

- Kendra H.

I love doing these experiments. Thank you for making science so much fun!

- Emma B.

I have 3 girls age 10, 6, and 4. They all could participate in this activity. Instruction video was so good! They can’t stop talking about it, and my 10 yr old says she wishes it was weekly.

- Melissa O.

This was a blast! My daughter likes to be creative so being able to do your own thing with the colors was a wonderful addition to the experiment. As a parent, I was able to sit and enjoy watching her learn and follow directions on her own. We both enjoyed the first round and we are looking forward to the next one!

- Kevin J

That was SO MUCH FUN! My granddaughter and I enjoyed this experiment very much. I can see right away this is money well spent. I don’t know which one of us is more excited to do the next experiment. Great Work Dr. Jeff!

- Kim P

So much fun!!! We had a blast doing these projects!

- Chelsea B.

How to Get Generation Genius Science Kits for Kids

Sign up today to get your own science kits by visiting the Generation Genius website. The website offers three plans — a monthly plan for $40 plus $7.95 shipping and handling, a quarterly plan for $35 a month with free shipping and a 6-month plan for $30 per month with free shipping. Plus, every plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure total satisfaction, so you have nothing to lose!

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Spark curiosity and keep your kids entertained for hours with 3 exciting experiments per box!

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