My Daughter Loves Her Multivitamins… You Read That Right!

Getting your kids to take their multivitamins every day is a struggle. Unlike other battles (using the bathroom, the bedtime routine, etc.), this one doesn’t get any easier as they get older. Instead, my daughter had more ways to express her dislike of taking her vitamins than when she was younger. Of course, struggling to get my daughter to take her multivitamins made me wonder if the battle was even worth it.

Tai Hall, November 11, 2022

Partnership with Ritual

So, I started doing my research. Did you know that many of the big brands of children’s vitamins are loaded with sugar and ingredients I can’t even pronounce? Don’t get me wrong – I’m not one of those “sugar is evil” parents. My whole family (the kiddos included) love a good dessert here and there. But do we really want extra sugars in something that’s supposed to be supporting our children’s health? Something that’s taken daily, nonetheless?


I didn’t like that idea, and the more I thought about it, the less I liked it. So, I decided to do some more research. That’s when I found the kid’s vitamins from Ritual, and it was a complete game changer.


…Then We Found Ritual’s Children’s Multivitamins

When I stumbled upon the Ritual website, I didn’t expect much. I’d dug deep into many different multivitamin brands and found them lacking in one aspect or another. Sometimes the ingredients were all wrong (like I mentioned above), and other times, there needed to be more transparency. With transparency, it’s easier to trust a brand – and I’m extra picky about what goes into my children’s bodies.


But, Ritual is different. The company has a very clear link labeled “our standards.” When you click on it, it takes you to a page that explains how much the brand values traceable ingredients and talks about where all their ingredients actually come from. Full transparency. I immediately liked that, so I started looking around a little more. I found their kid’s multivitamin and saw it checked off these essential boxes:


  • Zero sugar
  • Vegan, gluten-free, and devoid of major allergens
  • Made with traceable ingredients
  • Non-GMO
  • No artificial colors


Ritual also has several subscription benefits that I liked, including free shipping! In addition, their vitamins are affordable, and they come with a money-back guarantee, so there was no risk in trying them.


Ritual Multivitamin 4+ Supports My Daughter’s Health

I wasn’t only thrilled with what wasn’t in these multivitamins but what was. Ritual multivitamins are a great source of Omega-3 DHA and fiber, for starters. Plus, they’ve designed their formula of vitamins and minerals to help fill in the gaps of foundational health. As a result, they’ve ensured all the most crucial aspects of my daughter’s health are covered, including supporting her brain, bones, digestive health, and immune function.


Ritual includes zinc, vitamin D3, and vitamin C for immune function. This is especially great during the winter when my daughter is in school, and it seems like she’s always sick and bringing home a new virus to share with the rest of the family. But greater immune support means fewer colds and other viruses and less downtime for busy moms like me.


For brain health, Ritual multivitamins have choline and omega-3 DHA. My daughter’s bones are supported with vitamin D3, zinc, and vitamin K. Plus, fiber and prebiotics help support digestive health.

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I’ve Gotten Peace Of Mind

The best part about these vitamins? There’s no more fighting with my daughter to take them. She hasn’t missed a day and reminds me when it’s time to her multivitamin. The Ritual website says their children’s vitamins are designed for picky eaters, and my experience with them makes me believe that statement is true. Their kid’s vitamins are an orange flavor that my little one says is delicious – and coming from a super picky five-year-old, that’s quite a statement.


As a parent, I’m grateful for these multivitamins. Not only has the stress of getting my daughter to take her vitamins been taken away, but I also get peace of mind because I know she’s getting everything she needs to grow up healthy and strong without any unnecessary sugars or additives.

I Highly Recommend Ritual For Parents Who Struggle With Their Kids Over Multivitamins

If you’re looking for a children’s multivitamin with everything your little one needs without all the extra junk, I highly recommend Ritual Multivitamin 4+. They’re also an excellent idea for other parents with picky eaters because they taste so good my daughter actually loves them and reminds me when it’s time for her to take them!

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