In a Sea of Weighted Blankets, This One Stands Alone

Leighton H., August 23, 2023

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Weighted blankets have been a BIG thing for some time now, especially for those who have trouble falling or staying asleep. However, with so many options vying for your attention, singling out the right product can be a challenge. In a sea of weighted blanket ads and websites, you might find yourself adrift and unsure which blanket will actually put a stop to your restless nights.


If you’re not familiar with the concept of weighted blankets, allow us to bring you up to speed. These blankets are often made from fabrics filled with synthetic materials, such as pellets, beads or small weights. The purpose of the additional weight is to create what is known as Deep Touch Pressure (DPT) stimulation. This effect has been proven to produce a calming and soothing effect on the body’s nervous system, helping to improve relaxation and sleep.


Many brands claim that their weighted blanket is the best for sleep and stress relief. But how many are truly worth the money — and how can you be sure you’re choosing the right one? To help you in your quest, we put together a simple four-part checklist of items to look for when comparing and shopping for weighted blankets:


  1. Construction
  2. Weight
  3. Design
  4. Reviews

1. Construction

Construction is everything when it comes to the comfort and therapeutic benefits a weighted blanket can deliver. From the materials and stitching techniques to softness and breathability, every element plays a vital role in the overall effectiveness of the blanket. Whether you’re seeking improved sleep, stress relief, or simply something to cozy up to on the sofa, a well-constructed weighted blanket can make a big difference to your overall well-being.


Unfortunately, many of the weighted blankets on the market today are made from synthetic materials and artificial fillers that trap heat, leading to a hot and uncomfortable experience. Ideally, a blanket made from natural materials, such as 100% organic cotton, will ensure superior breathability and restful sleep.

2. Weight

As you may have already gathered, weight is a significant factor when choosing a weighted blanket. The additional weight in the blanket’s fabric helps to achieve Deep Touch Pressure (DPT) and the therapeutic effects that come with it. To experience the many benefits of these versatile textile sleep aids, you must choose a blanket of the right weight.


Not all weighted blankets are created equal. While one size may fit one person, it may not be suitable for another. Body weight, sleep style and height are all factors to consider when choosing a blanket. Look for a brand that offers weighted blankets in a selection of weights to suit your body weight and personal preference.

3. Design

Many weighted blankets available today are made with only function in mind, with absolutely no thought given to styling or aesthetics. While a plain grey weighted blanket might provide some benefits, it’s unlikely to be an item you want to put on display.


If you’re going to spend the money, there’s no reason why you can’t satisfy both your sleep requirements and your sense of style. Look for a blanket that is as beautiful as it is effective. Whether thrown over your bed as a comforter or enjoyed as an accent piece in your living room, a well-made, chic blanket will be one you’re proud to show off.

4. Reviews

The proof of the blanket is in the results. And the proof of the results is in the reviews. With hundreds of weighted blankets out on the market, and just as many claims about their benefits, customer reviews are your beacon in the dark when it comes to making a decision.


First, be sure to look at the overall star rating of the blanket to get a broad sense of customer satisfaction. Then, look for reviews that speak to your specific needs. For example, if you want improved sleep, look for reviews that specifically mention sleep improvements. Also, be sure to seek reviews from verified purchases or reviews and features from well-known sources.

Bearaby's Cotton Napper: A Clear Winner in Every Category

Using our checklist above, we set out to find the best weighted blanket on the market right now. We compared dozens of blankets but were surprised by how quickly we discovered a clear stand-out. The Cotton Napper Weighted Blanket from Bearaby exceeded our expectations for construction, weight, design and reviews — but that’s not all. The brand really understands the needs of its customers and is constantly releasing beautiful, innovative and functional new products. Let’s take a closer look at how the Bearaby Cotton Napper stood out.

Construction: 100% Organic Cotton and No Synthetic Fillers

Bearaby’s Cotton Napper is hand-knit with love and care from 100% organic cotton. It contains none of the synthetic fillers that other weighted blankets are often constructed with. Fillers such as beads and pellets leave little space for airflow, causing those who use them to feel hot and uncomfortable.


Bearaby solved this problem by revolutionizing the way weighted blankets are made, with a chunky knit design that offers superior airflow and breathability. They only use the highest-quality sustainably sourced materials for all of their weighted blankets. Breathable and natural, these materials have been expertly and thoughtfully crafted to create a blanket that will keep you calm, comfortable and oh-so relaxed.

Weight: Your Perfect Weighted Blanket Really Does Exist

As we mentioned previously, weight is one of the most important factors when choosing a blanket. Bearaby goes above and beyond to help you find the perfect match. The Cotton Napper weighted blanket comes in a range of weights, and you can take a short quiz to find the right one to meet your needs. Bearaby recommends that a weighted blanket weighs around 10% of a person’s body weight to achieve the best results. So, if you weigh 150 pounds, their 15 lb weighted blanket would be a safe bet. If you weigh closer to 200 pounds, give their 20 lb weighted blanket a try.


The brand really has thought of everybody when designing its products. It’s perfect for all seasons, too, keeping you cool and cozy when snuggled up on the couch and relaxed and soothed at night.

Design: Beauty and Benefits All in One

Another huge win for the Cotton Napper is its unique, stylish aesthetic. With its chunky knit design and wide range of beautiful colors, there’s a Cotton Napper for everybody and every space. It looks stunning layered with your bedding or tastefully draped over the arm of your sofa. No matter which color or style you choose, you can be sure it will add an elevated touch wherever it’s displayed.

Reviews: Cotton Napper Reviews Speak For Themselves

The Cotton Napper is a weighted blanket that people can’t stop raving about, with thousands of five-star reviews. It’s achieved an overall rating of 4.9/5 stars and is a clear winner in buzz alone. The Cotton Napper has also been featured in many popular publications, such as Business Insider, Vogue, Bloomberg, and more. If you’re looking for a blanket that has been tried, tested, and proven to help you relax and sleep better, then the hype speaks for itself. Bearaby is your answer.

Navigate Your Way to the Perfect Weighted Blanket

In an ocean of weighted blankets, it can seem impossible to find the right one. By considering factors such as quality, weight, style, and user reviews, we’ve helped you chart a course to a blanket that will bring you serene sleep and soothing relaxation. With the Cotton Napper from Bearaby, any time is nap time — and sleepless nights are a thing of the past. The 30-day money-back guarantee and free shipping within the contiguous USA give you peace of mind that you’ve made a great choice.

Cotton Napper
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A knitted weighted blanket to help you sleep better and feel calmer, naturally. Made of organic cotton. Your Napper should be about 10% of your body weight.

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